Still bleeding - day 7 of period on buserelin

Different day, different worry!!

My period normally lasts 5/6 days. This will be my 7th day (it's 9 days if you count the 2 spotting/discharge I had before it started). It's not particularly heavily now, but it's still fresh blood not brown discharge. (Sorry,tmi) I didn't bleed this long on my 2 other cycles. Is this normal?

Thanks as always, ladies xx

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  • I had a really long period whilst on DR. Even was still bleeding when I started stims and all was well.

  • I had a longer period than usual after starting buserelin last cycle... this time I'm worrying that it was shorter than normal! I think we find things to worry about but it's probably all fine!

  • Hi Hun from my last cycle i was spotting for several days after my period finished. I was told this was normal and even the day i started stimming i was spotting, but i was told when you start to stim your lining becomes thicker and the bleeding will stop, and it did! Xx

  • I think this is expected. Our cycle failed this time but I'm still spotting 4 days after my period and I'm on no medication now xx

  • Think this is ok I know we are all different but mines was same on DR. lasted longer. Hope all goes well for you xx

  • Thanks everyone- I know we always find something to worry about! Glad it's not unusual x

  • I came off my period 4 days ago, I'm on buserlin, But i came on again yesterday and had period pains, tummy and back all day I felt dreadful, I had my 7th injection last night. I texted clinic and they said this can sometimes happen so I hope that alls ok , I don't remember this happening last time but maybe it's coz last ivf cycle I started on day 21 and this time round I started on day 2 of period. Good luck with everything x

  • I bled for 14 days. When I went in for a scan they said 'you still have a bit to go'. I couldn't believe it but they seemed to think it was pretty normal. Hope you get the results you want. Xx

  • I've been for 11/12 days now. Last 2 IVFs it was just like a standard period. Every time I think it's stopped it comes back again. Scan tomorrow and I'll have been down ragging for 3w 3d (their standard practice) so I'd better be ready!! x

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