7 days and still bleeding

Had my bfp a week ago- had bleeding the day before the bfp and have had spotting for a week, woke up this morning and there has been a little more bleeding today than yesterday. The whole thing is just freaking me out. Most information says you may get bleeding for 1-2 days and that's definitely not the case for me. I'm going to do another test Thursday as that will be 10 days after the positive and I was told if I have miscarried again then the hcg should be out of my system by then. Just hate all of this- been a bit emotional the last few days as it just feels as though it's failed again x

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  • Have u seen you're GP yet, or midwife?or are under a clinic? If you have you can go to an EPU ? They might offer you an early scan or check your hcg.

    Bleeding might be down to something else Hun, there might still be a happy bean in there? β€οΈοΈπŸ™

    I hope you get some answers soon xxxx

  • I'm with a clinic currently- 7 week scan is booked for 29th Dec. I should be 5 weeks now. When I went for my hcg test I told them that I had been bleeding and that I was bleeding that day and they said if my levels were lower than 100 then they would get me in for another test in a few days but my levels were 189.50 so they said I had to wait until scan day. The only advice they offered was to check again via a home test in 10 days time as the hcg would have left my body by then if it was another miscarriage. It really leaves you in limbo. The bleeding hasn't been like when I miscarried last time and I feel like I'm clutching at straws but I do have fibroids, Adenomyosis and endometriosis So wonder if that has anything to do with it-I'm also on crinone gel which has also been said to make you have spotting. I do hope that all is ok-it's really playing on my mind that's for sure. Thanks so much for your message and kind words xxx

  • Hi yllek1982. So sorry you are still so anxious. Hopefully all will soon settle down. I wondered if you could ask your GP to do a Beta hCG blood test for you to reassure you that all is OK, as it will seem like a lifetime waiting until the 29th December. I really feel that what you are experiencing is just down to the crinone gel. Try and have a good rest or keep busy if you can't. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane- I do seem to have more spotting in the morning and having yukky crionone clumps as well so I was thinking it might be down to that but I'm just not sure. I will do another test Thursday as that will be 10 days from the bfp day. I don't think I would be so worried but having miscarried last time I just keep thinking the worst. I will see how Thursday goes and see what to do from there I think. Thanks so much xx

  • I bled constantly for about 6 weeks!!! It's so stressful but does not mean the end esp if no pain and not as heavy as a period! X

  • Thanks so much for your message. I've not had pain as such more the occasional twinge or slight pull it did however before the bfp feel like my ovaries were throbbing and no it's definitely not like a period at the moment. It's mainly when I go to the loo and wipe-soz if tmi! I've found if I've done a lot of moving around then it can get a little bit heavier and that's when I've had to make myself stop and rest. It is stressful isn't it xx

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