The pill on day 2 of your period??

I was told to take the pill on day 2 of my June period, my due date was tomorrow but it's showed up about hour ago light spotting but I've got my usual symptoms,

So what I wanted to know is do I class this as day 1 and take my pill tablet tomorrow as day 2, or do day 1 tomorrow and day 2 Wednesday??

Say I've always normal get my period when I wake up in the morning and I always count the day it arrives as cd1

(Sorry if tmi or If I'm sounding stupid)

Or shall I ring my clinic to double check tomorrow what to do

Thanks in advance xx

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  • I think Cd1 is always classed as full flow not spotting X

  • But I would definitely double check with your clinic. X

  • Thanks for your reply, I'll see how it is from now until bed and I'll ring the clinic to double check tomorrow what I need to do. I'm just so worried I'm going to cock up :-(

    How you doing now and how's the bunny xx

  • I'm ok thank you. Still waiting for the bunny as he was too young to bring home xx

  • Hopefully not much longer till his home with you :-) xx

  • My clinic told me day 1 is when there's a full flow as I've had this confusion in the past but probably best to just double check with you clinic x

  • Thank you I will give them a call tomorrow. I have a feeling fall flow be with me by the morning I have the worst leg cramps ever tonight and back ache :( xx

  • Urgh I feel for you, mine arrived at the weekend and I get the same πŸ˜” hope your able to get some clarification from your clinic today x

  • Thanks, bloody nice day to have period :-( o well the joys is women go through xx

  • My clinic classes day one as first day you wake up bleeding.

  • (So if you start later on in the day then the following day is day one)

  • Thanks for your reply, that's what I was unsure of say normally mine always there morning not even. I will double check though with them xx

  • Thanks for the reply just called the centre and been advices to take 14th as I have to have a full day bleed to count day one, xx

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