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Good morning everyone. After much deliberation & trying I have managed to get a part time job, hurrah! Not really prepared to put my life constantly on hold for IVF, feeling like I'm just sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. The only thing is, after much dawdling by the doctors, we have actually now been progressed to ICSI. Not sure where to start with the questions?! It's a part time job so I'm happy that I'll be able to get to AM or PM appointments without much fuss. Just concerned about the transfer day... is it possible to get a generic gynaecologist letter or something that doesn't mention that it's IVF? Also is it necessary to take 2 days off after procedure? The letter we got said general anaesthetic may still be wearing off on the day after. But I've GA before and I dont remember this problem. Any help much appreciated :)

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  • Good morning β˜‰ i had my nurse appointment last week to discuss getting started.. my clinic told me as standard they give out 2 week sick notes for work that start on day of EC. They also said it wont mention IVF but just gynae related as you suggested.. well done on the job too xx

  • Ah OK thanks, I have heard so many different things. People saying they went back to work next day, one person even saying they cycled home from the procedure, other people saying they took a few weeks off. I know my body and I tend to be a person who just carries on as normal but I guess I won't know until the day. All this planning for days off etc, me & my OH were saying the other day that people who conceive naturally really don't know how lucky they are!!!

  • That's interesting, my clinic never offered a sick note, but I was off work anyway so it didn't matter!

  • Congratulations on the job! I personally felt normal the day of and after transfer (after the nerves had worn off), I didnt have any anaesthetic. Egg collection on the day I was a bit woozy for a couple of hours after being knocked out but nothing major and maybe a bit tender but then I only had 6 eggs collected. Think the more eggs taken the worse it can feel and of course it depends if you have a physical job. Ive had ICSI so if you have any questions then Im happy to help, if I can of course! All the best xx

  • Awww thank you :) no, not a physical job at all. I guess I'll just tell them I'm having a colposcopy or something and they probably won't ask anymore questions, lol! (I've had one before so I know the process). I'm very much a battling on kind of person so if the little bear is anything like me, then he/she will thrive on me being busy! Well that's what I'm hoping anyway :)

  • Congratulations! Part time is the way to go, I love it!

    I'd be surprised if they do EC under general anaesthetic as they now recommend sedation. I definitely couldn't have gone to work within 24hrs of my sedation, and I think the stuff about your judgement being off still applies so it's probably not wise to go back before they say you should- you might feel ok but do something silly! However, you should be able to self certify for two days off so shouldn't need a letter at all.

  • Yep, I think l'll aim for 2 days and if I can take as holiday then it won't stir any suspicions. If I choose to go in on day 3 and I don't feel right ill try my best unwell moaning and I could go home again, although I think I could probably do a few hours. I am doing reflexology and am starting yoga soon so hopefully my body wl be on form!

  • I'm pretty certain two days will be enough. The second day is more for the after effects of sedation than feeling sore... I thought it wasn't much worse than bad period pain. But I couldn't keep my eyes open after the sedation for the rest of the day!

  • Hi Lilli congratulations on the job! Hope it goes well. I've had 2 egg collections and although they were both very similar..sedation, came round easily & didn't feel woozy or particularly tired afterwards, the pain I experienced after the 2nd one was worse than the first and I was still in a little pain the next day. I don't know if that's because I'd already had my ovaries tampered with on the EC before (although I've had surgery for endometriosis where it was removed from them so I'm not sure about that) or it's just random as fewer eggs were retrieved 2nd time.

    I've had general anesthetics before and found sedation similar, don't remember a thing and recovered fine! I would recommend getting a note if you can, just in case you are in discomfort and don't feel able to work. I'm also a battle on type but I found I needed to rest up the next day & figured my body deserved it! Lots of luck with your cycle x

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