I'm sorry I've been a little quiet, things at home have been a little stressful and just trying to sort things best I can.

To add to this I received 2 letters in the post on Saturday morning. One was telling us our landlords wants to sell the flat we are renting, so either we have to move or we can buy it...this will all be going on during my second round of ivf which isn't the best of timings ☹️

The second letter was asking if I would like to take part in a study for ivf....I don't know what to do about it really as I would like to be able to help other women out there by taking part in the study as all the research the doctors can gather will hopefully help couples with infertility in the future. I don't really know where my head is at because if I take part and it fails I'll think I shouldn't have done but if I don't take part and it fails I'll wish I had. The letter states that all my care and treatment will be exactly the same, the only difference is that instead of having the embryo transfer 3-5 days after egg collection they want to freeze the embryos let all the hormones from ivf get out my system then 4-6 weeks later do the embryo transfer. I really don't know how I feel about it. Has anyone else had a similar letter? Advice would be much appreciated x

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  • My clinic asked if me and my husband wanted to take part in the e freeze study and we did but after egg retrieval only 2 of my eggs fertilised so we were withdrawn from the study as it had to be 3 or more good quality embryo to take part I did it because I believed in if u do something to help others then hopefully I would revive good karma my way. But after reading up am not so sure if I would take part in the study again as if the freeze the embryo it's not granted the embryos will thaw and be able to transfer it's a risk ur chancing and paying for this treatment at £5000 a shot I don't think I will do it again. Great if I have left overs to freeze and I get a other shot but going through injections and egg retrieval take a lot out of us ladies. Ask lots of questions and do ur research before disagreeing or agreeing to it. Good luck on ur journey. And get ur house situation sorted soon Hun xx

  • There are loads of different research trials going on at the moment. We took part in one, albeit a completely different one but the one thing they said to me is that when the start the trial they have some evidence that it will be successful otherwise they wouldn't have got that far. For us, we weren't even told whether or not we were part of the control group or trial group and aren't allowed to find out until after the results have been analysed. If your clinic is anything like mine then they will probably have a doctor or nurse responsible for research and they should be able to give you some more background/what evidence there is so far so that could help you make up your mind. There are quite a few ladies go though FETs and are successful so I would imagine it is similar to that. Have they told you if your transfer would be medicated or unmedicated? If medicated then I'd want to know what the difference between those medications and IVF medications were. I'd also question whether the outcome could change depending on cause of infertility. I can imagine for male fertility factors then a natural transfer might be preferable as it would mimic natural pregnancy, but if it's female issues then depending on what they were I would imagine the hormones from the drugs might help. If it were me I would want to know a lot more about it before making up my mind one mind way or the other. Hope your house move gets sorted soon. Look at it this way - better you know now and can make a decision than get pregnant and then have the stess of making a decision.

  • Thank you so much for this, you've given me some things to think about and some good questions to ask. My OH wants to do the trial by I'm still 50/50. I'm going to call the research nurse and speak to her and ask some questions before I decide xx

  • There's a 90% chance of embryos thawing perfectly fine after freezing. Check the HFEA website as they also say that there is some evidence that FET is better than fresh transfer. I'll post the link here.

  • Thank you so much for this, I've had a read through and it's got so much info I feel a bit better about it all now, I still have a few questions but hopefully the nurse can answer them no problems. Xx

  • I'm not surprised you're bit stressed out with all the news you've had! I obviously can't comment on your flat, bit of a nightmare though! I have heard a few clinics are taking part in this study. The theory is that it's to let your body get back to normal after taking all the drugs and the stress of you body having egg collection. I've heard thst they are getting good results and that's why more clinics are getting involved! I know of a few ladies that had their bfp from a frozen embryo having failed their fresh transfer. Best of luck with what you decide!!xx

  • Thank you 😊 it's defo something to think about, I've been doing some research so I'll ask as many questions before I decide on anything xx

  • We had the option to participate in the e-freeze study as well. We decided against it because I couldn't handle the uncertainty. Since you are randomly allocated to either fresh or frozen transfer after EC, you don't know. After waiting so long I just want to know what is happening and get on with it. If we have to go through a second round, I'd consider doing it then maybe. Also at our clinic we have the option to opt into the study up until EC. Regarding the study and other decision like using embryos for research/training our counsellor said, if you have any doubt say no and then you always have the option later to opt in. I felt horrible not giving my consent but I wasn't sure and still not. There are so many other decisions and things to think about I just wasn't in the right mindset when we had to fill out our forms.

  • I'm still undecided and I have some questions I want to ask before I decide, my OH wants to take part but he said at the end of the day it's up to me, I still have a few days but it's just the not knowing that's the hardest, what's the right thing to do 😓 I'm going to speak to the research nurse and get some answers before I do anything else. Thank you for replying 😊 xx

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