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Starting 2nd cycle and balancing a busy job

Hi everyone! After some months off this site (I needed time to get over the last cycle), I'm back on the IVF journey again! I'm starting my second cycle (self-funded this time..eeek!) and also trying to balance a busy job.

It all feels easier this time but also a bit harder too. The drugs feel easier and knowing what is coming up is comforting but negotiating with work feels a lot harder. I also struggle to act normal with my work colleagues and friends when I just feel like crying sometimes. Does anyone else have an intensive job and have to spend lots of time faking being okay a lot of the time?

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🙋🏼. Totally. I manage a team of 12 and have a senior role in a relatively small and tight knit business 😬. This is one of our busiest times of the year 😬😬. This round I have told HR and my boss which has been helpful. I agree on it being easier re the drugs and process this time but it is hard trying to get out of meetings when people don't know what's going on. I get really frustrated and then have to remind myself they have no idea that I'm injecting myself at set times or managing all of this behind the scenes. However, a few people have said that work will still be here whatever happens with this so

I need to focus on me and prioritise this process.... I'm finding that easier said than done but working on it!! Always here if you'd like a little vent! xx

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Thank you! That is helpful! It is useful to think that work will always be there no matter what happens. You are right! The two of us have bigger things to concentrate on right now!

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Hey -

I’m only at the start of my journey but I totally understand where you are coming from.

I have an incredible senior who understands and supports me, and my organisation even provide 5 paid leave days per year for fertility treatment.

However, even with all this support, a lot of pressure comes from myself. Feeling I’m not performing as well as I should when I’m feeling unwell after injections, or feeling bad for having to cancel meetings, or even just taking some time off for the clinic and not being able to explain why to colleagues.

Ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that if I actually take a lunch break and get done fresh air - the business isn’t going to collapse around me. If I have to rearrange a meeting or dial in - the business isn’t going to collapse around me. If I take time out for treatment - the business isn’t going to collapse around me.

Trust in your team, they will pick up those meetings etc, even if they don’t know what’s going on. Get them to support you.

Your family is more important then being in every meeting.

Hope it feels easier soon xx


Thank you Linds! This is all great advice. Especially this:

'Ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that if I actually take a lunch break and get done fresh air - the business isn’t going to collapse around me.'

My boss has told me to take more breaks and I am so bad at it. But you are right! Breaks are important and nothing is going to collapse if I take one!


Yes I'm feeling exactly the same !

Started a new job in march after a failed first round and managing a large team. I'm taking odd days off here and there as holiday so I can go to appointments (base line scan) and I start stim injections on Friday ekk!

Good luck in your next cycle xx


You too Penny! Sending you lots of good vibes and baby luck! :)

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