12 week scan pic 😍

12 week scan pic 😍

Hi everyone!! We had our 12 week scan yesterday, just amazing!! Little one was waving at us πŸ‘‹πŸ» and wouldn't stop wriggling for ages to take measurements. My partner mentioned afterwards that I didn't seem to be that overly happy which surprised me. Obviously I'm very happy and greatful for this little miracle after 6 years of trying, but I realised that I was keeping back some of my feelings as a sort of defence in case something bad happens and this is what he had picked up on. I'm a practical person and a worrier in general, so after all we have been through I really don't know how to just 'relax and enjoy the pregnancy' as everyone keeps telling me too. It's always something in the back of my mind, I just hope so much that this baby will be ok and I'm just looking forward to the day when he/she is in my arms. Don't get me wrong the worrying isn't all consuming, but I'm aware it's there niggling away. Does anyone else feel like this or have you learnt to 'relax' a bit? Xx

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  • Hello! Congratulations! We just had our 12 week scan (all is good) and I feel exactly the same way, approaching it all very practically but with anxiety, which is maybe not very practical! I think it is normal after going through IVF. Let's both try to enjoy this time XX

  • Congrats! I'm not there yet but I think I'd be the same... we've gone through so many tough times we learn to protect ourselves...

    all the best! X

  • Unfortunately I felt like this the whole way through my pregnancy. Like you the worry wasn't all consuming but it was always there. I think it's quite normal because we go through so much to get our miracle babies we desperately don't want anything to go wrong. Just try & keep as calm as possible and if you have any worries no matter how small always ring your midwife that's what they are there for. But do enjoy your pregnancy it flies by (apart from the last few weeks they drag πŸ˜‚) xx

  • I feel so anxious at the moment about this pregnancy, I think it's understandable based on what we go through to get here! Getting your 12 week scan is a huge milestone and what a lovely pic! Take time to appreciate getting this far and hopefully this will help to alleviate some of the anxiety (it's what I'm trying anyway and I'm only about 5 weeks) xxxx

  • Wow congratulations, lovely scan picture, wishing you all the best xx

  • My congratulations! Beautiful pic!

    I joined your question. I also would like to know some tips of relaxing. I'm tired to worry every time but can't relax...The feelings are so mixed. It's a happiness and joy an at the same time fear and disturbance...

  • Hi

    Firstly,massive congrats 🍾🎈 I think it's entirely normal.

    We had a bleed the day before the 12 week scan and I lied to everyone except my husband about the date of the scan. I told everyone it was on the Friday when in fact it was on the Tuesday. I was so convinced something would be wrong, I thought I could give myself a few days to prepare myself before I had to answer to people. In the end all was fine, but then we had more scares at the 20 week scan, and there was always something keeping my on my toes.

    Never relaxed through the whole pregnancy, always thinking this is too good to be true.. then I thought I would be fine after I had him but less than 3 weeks later he was fighting for his life after getting neonatal meningitis ☹️ Now he's 4 months old I'm still extremely nervous. Although I think the irrational feelings are more post traumatic stres, I don't know that I would ever relax now with him and 'enjoy him'

    He was six years In the making and even To this day am in awe of him because when want something so bad, you half expect it to be snatched away.

    I really hope at some point you can relax and enjoy it, and be a bit better than me!!

    It's natural and any one who has been through this infertility process will understand that ❀️

  • Gorgeous xxx

  • Congratulations, what a lovely wee pic of the cutest baby.

    I dont think the worry will every really leave you but you have made it to what all medics saybis the milestone so keep looking after yourself listening to your body and you and baby will be just fine.

    Try some relaxation techniques and it might allow you to enjoy it a lot more.


  • Congratulations! It's hard to relax until they're in your arms! Xx

  • Hi Lucky17. Well that certainly looks a healthy little person - lovely to see. Just wanted to wish you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy. The umbilical cord is developed, and he/she an move his/her head now - all very exciting! Take care! Diane

  • A lovely picture. I'm 8+6 weeks. After the 6 weeks ivf clinic scan I feel quite abandoned. I've been messaging others on here around the same stage as me and the first midwife appointments are late from 10 to 13 weeks in a group of 4 of us. I don't think this helps anxiety at all. I suppose they can't do much but booking scans in would be a step forward.

    I had a private scan on Monday at 8 weeks as I was home seeing my mum and thought we'd be all crying and happy like the first scan. Looking back I used it more as an inquisition. What's my ovary doing, can you see an endo patch where my ovary was, is the embryo in a good spot, how's everything else etc etc. Poor sonographer lol. After he's reassured me I don't feel that any huge weight has been removed.

    I catch myself relaxing occasionally and then realise and then panic a bit and then I try to relax as it's no good. Seems like a weird cycle of emotions. Another rollercoaster!

    Like you it's not all consuming but it's there. X

  • Big congratulation. Oh Hun I know how u feel ...u always worried even when everyone telling u to relax ☺ Well is not easy special when u try for so long going through thick and thin .... I was worried so much to reach that 12 weeks ...when I pass that knowing that my baby is ok ...I want to make till 24 weeks ... when I pass that I relax only for bit ..☺ then when I done 28 weeks my relax time end for few weeks coming ... My baby girl is big growing healthy baby but we was little bit below minimum on amniotic fluid ... We being monitoring through CTG and they done couple extra scan which in end of March my fluid level increase ... We just stop worried how long we new that my baby is good ...is kicking moving pushing 😍 Hun I'm not trying to making u worried like I did ...I think all that stress I put on my self through wasn't very good ... Really try to relax Hun ...your baby is growing and that amazing and good thing ... Try to enjoy your pregnancy πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒxx

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