Meet Lilly 🐰

Meet Lilly 🐰

In a bid to cheer me up and as a late birthday present for the worst birthday ever, my OH bought me a beautiful 10 week old rabbit yesterday. He put the hutch together. He levelled the ground and laid the slabs for the hutch to stand on by hand (he's a paraplegic and I'm always amazed by his ability to live a normal life, there truly isn't much he can't adapt to!) and as I watched him do these things over the last couple of days I am reminded of how much he loves me and how much he just wants to see me happy. For that I'm very lucky.

I've named my bunny Lilly. She's the 4th rabbit I've had now. Sadly I had to have my last rabbit Ben put to sleep a few weeks ago at almost 11 years old. Lilly looks much bigger than she is, she's really very small in my arms but at least she is in my arms and I feel a tiny tiny bit less empty for having her there. She can't replace our baby, nothing can but I hope she can begin to help my heart with the healing process. I hope... 🐰 πŸ’•

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  • What a gorgeous bunny x

  • She's super cute Tugsgirl, glad she's helping a little 😍 Your hubby sounds amazing, we're very lucky to have that. Hope you're ok xx

  • It's hard to see the positives sometimes isn't it? I know I'm lucky to have him, we're lucky to have each other. One day he'll be an amazing Daddy xx

  • It really is, but then you feel guilty because you know you're lucky and how people would kill for that..then the cycle of beating yourself up continues πŸ™ Got to keep thinking like that, we'll get there 😘 Xx

  • We will. We can't get there if we give up! X

  • Ahhhh Lilly is gorgeous! I love rabbits, had a tiny little white one when I was little that ended up not so very little! Ha ha ha Its so nice that your lovely hubby is looking after you and Im astounded at what he can do with his disability, he sounds amazing!!xx

  • He is amazing. He's a real adrenaline junkie; into his sit skiing, wheelchair basketball and 4 wheel down hill biking xx

  • She is gorgeous :) I have 2 house rabbits and just having them brightens my day when I'm feeling low. Pets are a great way to cheer anybody up and I hope Lilly will help to mend your heart a little. Your OH sounds amazing, he obviously loves you very much, you're one lucky lady ☺️ x

  • I've never really kept a rabbit indoors much but this one will be inside with free roam as much as possible and when she's not our garden is enclosed and she has a lovely new double hutch. She hasn't worked out there's a bottom section yet though lol xx

  • She's gorgeous.... after our 2nd round went wrong we got another puppy so can totally see where your coming from xx

  • A puppy was tempting but not practical for us at the moment xx

  • We forgot how much hard work they are lol lol

    I'm sure she will bring u lots of joy and entertainment xx

  • Therein lies the distraction I'm sure xx

  • I never underestimate the healing power of a four-legged friend...they are remarkable! Lilly is just divine - very envious, as we keep cats so can't really have rabbits too and I do love them. Am sure she will bring you lots of comfort and be a spark of light at this very dark time. Hugs to you and to her xxx

  • My OH would love a kitten but I would be upset every time it bought us "presents" xx

  • LOL! I so get that! My husband and I live in the country and we are constantly on 'rescue alert' to save some poor field mouse from the claws of my two kitties :) x

  • Just read this and wanted to say something...we have 2 indoor rabbits and 2 indoor cats they all get on great together :) so don't be put off if you want a rabbit :D x

  • Really, how interesting...I had always thought they were sworn 'enemies'! Learnt something today, thank you xx

  • Oh no, we have 2 indoor cats and an indoor bunny. The cats just think the bunny is a bit odd πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • What a gorgeous snuggle bunny! xx

  • AWWWWW how gorgeous is Lily, We have a dog and I would be lost without his little face to keep me going through this.

    Enjoy lots of bunny cuddles xxxxxxxxxx

  • Very Cute x

  • That's great defo something to take your mind off things. It is about trying to count the blessings in your life but it's hard xx

  • Lilly is adorable lovely, what a lovely thing your husband has done x Thinking of you, and sending you big hugs xxx

  • Beautiful bunny πŸ‡ i hope she brings lots of smiles at this really difficult time... Thinking of you lovely xx

  • What a cutie!! We're going to need regular photo updates please! Xxx

  • Awww I'm welling up. I love bunnies too.

    What an amazing husband you've got too.

    I think it's a lovely idea with the rabbit.

    Hope you have lots of fun with her and can take comfort from her.


  • I've given her at least ten cuddles today. OH said "Omg leave the poor bunny alone" but he's only joking. He says I haven't given her five minutes peace lol. I don't want her to get lonely. He's off out biking tomorrow and then going to visit a friend in the evening. It'll be my first time alone since it happened.. I can't begrudge him some time to chill out as it's been very stressful for him too this past week. I'll bring Lilly inside and let her explore xx

  • That sounds like a nice idea getting her inside watch the poo mind ☺Yeah you probably find OH needs to get out and talk to his mates .mine is the same. He feels better after talking to his mates and family. I rather be on my own. Anyway you know where we all are if you get lonely. I still think about you and what you went through and so sorry again xxx

  • Thank you! I miss my baby all day every day but I'm slowly beginning to get used to the feeling of loss. I wake up sad but I just have to get up and get on with it. Sometimes I'm so angry and I feel robbed of so much but thinking like that isn't going to get me anywhere xx

  • Aww that's so lovely πŸ’• What a wonderful OH. At the very least Lilly will be a welcome distraction and a soft snuggle when you need it, she's gorgeous πŸ‡πŸ˜ xx

  • Ah so cute I have 2 of those as my babies shadow and winter. Having never had rabbits before I can honestly say they make fantastic pets. 🐰🐰 congrats I'm so happy for you. Enjoy cottontail cuddles

  • My last rabbit Ben was evil. He hated being fussed over. Probably being so temperamental that saw him live to almost 11 years old. I had to have him put to sleep a few weeks ago as he'd been going downhill since Christmas and the vets couldn't do anything more for him. Lilly couldn't be more different so far.. 🀞

  • Gorgeous bunny and what a fab, caring and thoughtful hubby you have. I really do think the fab hubby's out there sometimes get forgotten in all this Ivf madness and my goodness there are some super strong ones out there to be admired..your hubby being one..I am biased but feel mine is pretty damn amazing too❀️❀️❀️ I honestly couldn't have got through all this without my dog so fur baby's really are such a comfort..enjoy your new member of the family and love the name xxx

  • Thank you Vic xx

  • Ah she's beautiful - they are so healing - we got 2 bonkers rescue cats a few months ago and they definitely make the pain of all of this more bearable - enjoy your snuggles!x

  • Aw, what a beauty Lilly is!

    Your husband sounds like a lovely man too. The fact that you can see the positives through this tough time shows your epic strength, your husband is lucky to have you too and lilly is lucky to have such a loving family.

    Totally understand the pet thing. We're constantly looking at rescue centre pups but we have a 13 year old pooch that would either be glad of the company after losing our other pooch last year, or she would be a deeply annoyed old lady to have a tiny nutter hanging off her tail... just in case it's the latter, we coo over the puppy pics then allow sense to kick in and don't bother... would be sooo lovely though.

    I'm sure Lilly will bring you much joy xx

  • Thank you. She does. Although I must admit I'm struggling a bit today xx

  • Aw, I bet you are hun, it's totally understandable.

    Pets are a blessing and great distraction but they're no magic wand.

    It's good for you to take your time to allow yourself to grieve, but also a positive step that through your grief you're also able to see and enjoy the good things in your life. It's a balance that will help you get through this in a healthy way.

    Thinking of you lovely. Xx

  • Aaaawwwww she's gorgeous 😘😘😘😘

    Can't stop staring

    And we are all very lucky to have spouses like them. Who have d patients to go through d ups and downs with us. God bless

  • Awwwww lovely

  • She's gorgeous, I hope her love and affection helps you with your healing process. 🐰

  • Ah bless u that bunny is a cutie and your OH sounds amazing! U both have been thru such a hard time and it's wonderful that he has gone to such lengths to bring a smile back to your face!! Xxx

  • It seems I have a naughty bunny. She's going to keep me on my toes! xx

  • Lol!! Well that will keep your focus away from other stuff for a while!! I wonder, can bunnies be trained? πŸ˜‚

  • Supposedly yes. I have previously had one really chilled out girl, one very timid boy and one evil boy, I was hoping Lilly would be like my first being a girl. Oh well, she's young, I'm sure she just needs to get it out of her system 🀞 x

  • She's just excited to be in her new home with her new family I'm sure!! Xxx

  • How did I miss this post the other day!

    Aww tugsgirl she's adorable and how sweet if your oh to do something so kind and thoughtful. He sounds lovely.

    I am sorry about your loss-I hope in time it's less painful.

    I hope this bunny brings you some happiness. 🐰

    I have two dogs and I love cuddling them both when Ive had a crap day. Haha my furry children is what I call them! 🐢🐢


  • Arr she's a beautiful bunny, I think animals are a great comfort when your feeling low xxx

  • So gorgeous! They are so therapeutic. What a darling hubby you have too. Our girls (cats) Polly and Daphne get us through the difficult days. I hope looking after Lily really helps you. x

  • The jury is out at the moment. Yesterday she was so placid and loving, purring away as I stroked and groomed her. Today she has nibbled my finger, been a lot more fidgety, kept trying to squeeze into spaces I blocked off in the living room, tried to eat my jumper and leapt out of my hands when I put her to bed this evening (almost gave me a heart attack but I grabbed her before she fell on the floor!!) she's like a naughty kitten/wriggly fish x

  • Aww what a gorgeous bunny! xx

  • Beautiful rabbit good for you xxx take care πŸ’—πŸ’—

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