Happy Easter from my munchkin Lilly

Happy Easter from my munchkin Lilly

I'm not really "celebrating" but we'll make sure Lilly has lots of fun today so this is from Lilly πŸ‡

Lilly is such a little character! She loves to jump on the sofa and run along the top! She tries to climb up on my OH's desk (from the arm of the sofa) which terrifies me! Can't take your eyes off her for 5 seconds! πŸ‘€

Vicky xx

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  • Cute bunny!! Xx

  • So cute! x

  • She is super duper cute, Vicky!! We have two furry babies (dogs) who have us in stitches with their antics most days!! Have a lovely day xx

  • Thank you x

  • Sounds like my dog, still crazy even though she's geriatric now bless her! ❀️They're a lovely distraction aren't they. Lilly is so cute, happy Easter Vicky xx

  • Ours are 10 & 9, I can categorically say they have got worse as they have gotten older!! πŸ˜‚

  • Aww, aren't they funny 😊 Mine is 16! She sleeps a lot of the day nowadays but when she's awake and certainly on walks she's the biggest character I've ever met! Xx

  • Georgina78 yes she has really helped me so much xx

  • Aw I'm so glad to hear that Hun, you've had it really tough. I'm a huge animal lover and a big believer in their power (perhaps unknowingly!) to help us heal xx

  • Super cute pic of Lilly!!πŸ’• Sounds like she has got a great wee personality too! Defo keeping you on your toes Vicky!xx

  • The best bun bun ever! What a darling xxx πŸ’–

  • Happy Easter Lilly (I'm really sorry that we ate a chocolate one of you earlier on!)

    Tugsgirl I was fostering for the cats protection (looking after cats in our home until they found their furr-ever home), but then cat number 6 came along & I just couldn't let him go, so our family expanded by a cat called Milo. I really think it was because I needed something to look after & care for & getting pregnant really wasn't happening. Some days I'm so glad he's here & sometimes wonder if he'll always be my baby. Thanks for sharing Lilly with us :) x

  • Aw you're welcome! I know she isn't ivf related or ttc related but she makes me smile and I hope she can make others smile too. She has really helped me this past week, despite the near heart attacks I have when she's racing around the living room, kitchen and blindly jumping off the sofa! xx

  • Aww she is a beaut. I had a rabbit afew years back and snowy was a wonderful companion. It's amazing how some rabbits can actually give back when there is a strong bond! Enjoy. Happy easter to you and lilly! X

  • She's a little monster. She's chewed through my willow tree lights from my Mum. My fault, I should have been wondering why she was so quiet! Luckily they weren't switched on! Can't stay mad at that little face though 😍 xx


  • Aaaaawwww she's gorgeous.

    Happy Easter to u too dear

  • Those ears! x

  • Thanks everyone xx

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