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Hi again!!!

So I have a tough decision to make. We thinking of changing our clinic, so two minded as on the one hand you are so familiar with your Doc and he knows your whole history and you thinking maybe the next time it will work and then on the other hand you hear of people going to certain clinics and it working the first time then you start doubting your clinic. I must admit my current clinic is a bit casual and after our fist failed attempt we said once more then try another clinic and now we almost on no 5 and need to make this decision. Anyone else in the same both or experienced better results after changing clinics.

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  • Haven't been in that position but wanted to wish you the best with whatever decision you make-it's really not an easy choice.

    Maybe some of the other ladies here will have some better advice to give you.


  • Thank you Jess, appreciate your response and well wishes. All the best to you too, waiting to hear your good news :-)

  • Hi HopeGP. Always a difficult decision, but if you do decide to change, your "history" will go with you, so that your next specialist can prescribe your treatment around what you already have had. Trust him/her as they want you to succeed too. Good luck and I do hope all works out well for you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, always appreciate your sound advise. I was worried about my history but glad to move with it. Only problem is we have frozen semen at this clinic so I'm not sure how that's going to work but I'll check with the clinic.

  • I went to a clinic in London and they didn't even manage to collect any eggs at EC, changed to a clinic in Greece and got eggs and got Day 5 embryos! Unfortunately nonpregnancy but that is more my age!! Definitely relieved I didn't waste any more time with the other clinic.good luck with whatever u decide xxx

  • Thank you 72cloud9. Considering changing clinics. Good luck and hope for some baby news soon.

  • Hi hopeGP . After my first unsuccessful cycle and nothing left to freeze we took time to recovery . We done more research what we can do different base on what we went through in first time . The best thing we done was change the clinic . We sow different what new clinic was doing and how was in the previous one . They done more tests and they change drugs . They talk to us they ask what we want icsi or ivf . We left decision in professional hands . The Qualityof my embryo was good enough to tell us that they recommend to put just one and one to freeze . I'm 35 weeks now with little girl ...and I cannot wait to meet her ...and for her to have sibling. If u don't feel right in that clinic and u feel like they "care "just doing them job so research ,think things through and make decision Hun . Xxx

  • Hi Olivia. Thank you for sharing your beautiful news hun :-). I'm sure you cant wait to meet your precious baby girl, Sometimes a change is good and we never know when mother nature is going to be on our side. Here things are only explained after the failed attempt when we question it. Was never told before that egg quality may be poor hence all the failed attempts. Thank you for you advice, will definitely research. Take carexx

  • I also decided to change the clinic. I had 2 failed cycleson my own in my clinic but now I have to undergo ivf on donor's eggs. And I have already chosen one clinic abroad. I want to go there in a month. I hope those positive responses which I got from the clients are true!

    I don't think that we should blame the doctors and the clinic in our failures as I'm sure that happened because of the different circumstances that combine together.

  • Thank you Victory75. I may have to also go the donor egg route but I want to try once more somewhere else as I went from 11 eggs to nothing :-( after Dr changed my meds to get better quality eggs. don't blame him as he was also shocked that we got nothing as I had 5 good follicles. I wish you all the best Victory and await your baby news :-)

  • Thanks for your wishes! Of course, you should try one more time. Try until you achieve your goal! I know some clinics suggest several ivf attempts. One with your own eggs and in case of failure the next one will be on the dornors'. Do you consider a clinic abroad or just change a clinic within your location?

  • I'm definitely going to try once more with own eggs, pray that it works as I prefer using own eggs but if i'm left with no choice, will use donor eggs. Will be changing to clinic within location as we going private so adding airfares to it will be way over budget.

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