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Finally...the start of our journey!

Finally we have the go ahead to start our treatment.

Doctors needed an internal scan to be done to finalise all prior investigations.

Scan done on Friday- everything perfectly fine inside. No obvious explanation for infertility and turns out my PCOS diagnosis was also incorrect!! 😤 So as happy as I am that everything is fine with me I guess I am now in the unexplained infertility bracket - slightly confusing. The only thing they picked up on was more follicles on my ovaries then usual but this apparently isn't a concern?!

Anyway - after a pretty stressful few weeks I am starting my Provera tomorrow for 10 days. Baseline scan booked in for 26th.

So excited to start this next stage and give this treatment my all 😊


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Great news. Good luck with the cycle. Xx


Best of luck Hun xxx


Great news!! Can I ask Joe long it took from them saying you needed ivf to it actually happening? I'm stressed out that it'll take ages!


Hi Bec-A, it will probably depend on the clinic, but from memory, we had our first referral consultation Sept 2014 where they agreed we were eligible, and went back Nov 2014 to get initial tests and set treatment date for the following Jan 2015. Not a massive length of time in the grand scheme of things xx


Thanks all!

Bec-A - I was referred in November and start treatment end of April so a good 6 months from referral to starting treatment.

It's a long process and the waiting so far has been a nightmare for me. I'm so impatient lol xox


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