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On the adoption journey..

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Hi everyone, I haven’t been on here for some time but I thought I’d update anyone who remembers me! This week we have been approved to start stage 1 of the adoption process. We are feeling hopeful, if a little nervous about what 2019 holds.

We had our last ivf cycle (our 4th and a chemical pregnancy) in may 2017 and since then we have took some time to recover from and process everything we’d been through, addressed any fears we had about adoption and done soooo much talking and soul searching. We also lost our beloved dog who was 18 so while she was an amazing age, it was just another loss and grieving process and we miss her every day.

We’ve also had a number of lovely trips, events, nights out etc and have enjoyed just being ‘us’ again before everything infertility took over our lives and relationship.

For all of you right in the thick of the hell that can be treatment, I never thought I’d feel at peace with ceasing treatment without achieving our dream of a pregnancy and healthy baby..but I do. As time went on I realised I wanted a family with my husband, not necessarily a pregnancy and I just couldn’t do ivf anymore. I didn’t think this would be the case but here we are. I wish all of you all the luck in the world, it’s really bloody tough and you’re all heroes.

If I could offer any advice it’d be to keep an open mind, your feelings and decisions can shift and change over time, and you may find yourself on a path you never thought you would. We have a long way to go yet, but we’re feeling positive. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy & healthy 2019 where your dreams come true x

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Wishing you lots s of luck with the adoption process, I hope you get your family that you so deserve soon. Also so sorry to hear about your fur baby, it really is awful when we lose them. I'm sure you gave her an amazing home xx

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Georgina78 in reply to Jm82

Thank you Jm82 😘

It’s so nice to hear that you feel at peace with where you are at and are feeling so positive about your new & different journey to achieve your family. It’s somehing I do have worries about as I feel myself getting closer to perhaps making such a decision and so thank you for sharing. Best of luck with this next chapter! xxx

That is amazing that you started on the journey to adoption and that you will be able to give a child a loving family.

So sorry to hear about the loss of your dog,pets are such a huge part of the family.

Wishing you lots of luck with the adoption process xx

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Thank you Clairenix xx

I remember you and great to see your update. Hope it all goes well.

It’s defo true families come together in different ways (we use a donor) but love holds everything together xx

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Thanks so much button, I think so too. How’s things going with your little one? Xx

in reply to Georgina78

Life is great thanks and weirdly our ivf battle feels like a lifetime ago now. We know we are so lucky and still pinch ourselves that we have our amazing little girl that lights up our life and causes chaos lol xx

Defo follow your heart you will never look back 😘😘

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Really glad to hear it, I guess the chaos of family life just takes over right?!

Thank you 😘

Hi Georgina. Nice to hear from you, I often wonder how you're getting on. Your post is very inspiring and sounds very positive. Wishing you lots of luck with your new journey to parenthood, I think it's an amazing thing to do xx

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Aw thank you JoJo, yes feeling positive but we know we have a long way ahead yet! xx

AHH congratulations ! I know how difficult the adoption process can be to crack through !

I've always wanted to adopt and foster even if I didn't have my own children.

My husband really wanted his own though first.

I look forward to your updates and how you get on. You're absolutely right- this really is a journey and we constantly have to allow ourselves time to reflect, heal, reassess and plan forward whatever may come

Good luck with everything

Your peace of mind shines through in your message x

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Georgina78 in reply to Saya85

Thanks Saya85. Yes it’s going to be a tough process no doubt, we’re gearing ourselves up for yet another roller coaster in the new year! Hopefully it will work out for us though and be worth it. Lots of luck to you too x

Hi Georgina 👋🏻 so good to see this post!! You sound in such a good place and this update is completely reflect that. So glad you’ve enjoyed the last months and how exciting for the start of your new journey. Adoption will def be a road hubby and I will consider down the line. Xx

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Georgina78 in reply to baby2016

Hi baby2016! How are you doing lovely? Thank you, I definitely feel almost like a different person to the one I was 18 months/2 years ago but I know we still have a long road ahead with many hoops to jump through, we feel as ready as we can be though. I hope you’re ok and I would advise definitely keeping your options open. I hope you get your dream though xx

I’m so pleased to read your update and hear that you can begin the adoption process. I remember how tough you had it and I’m glad you can now look forward to the future and the family that awaits you xx

Thanks so much Lizzie, that’s really lovely of you. How are things with you? Xx

Good to hear from you Georgina and lovely you’re sounding so positive!! I hope the adoption process isn’t too arduous and your family happens soon 😃 x

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Georgina78 in reply to WeeMrsH

Hi WeeMrsH! Lovely see familiar names, how are you doing? I hope it isn’t too but we are kinda expecting it to be 😳 hopefully it’ll all be worth it though xx

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WeeMrsH in reply to Georgina78

I am well, 35+6 with a donor egg after 4th IVF. Hopefully we’ll be meeting our 🌈 baby very soon.

I’m so excited for the road your journey has taken you down and very soon you’ll have your little one ❣️ very best of luck xx

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Georgina78 in reply to WeeMrsH

Ah fantastic hun, hope you’re feeling well and everything goes smoothly.

Thank you 😘 xx

What a heartbreaking and lovely comment all in one. Thank you for sharing. Good luck and I hope 2019 brings all you desire x

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Georgina78 in reply to Camillage

Thanks so much Camillage 😘

Glad it is all going so well for you and you feel at peace. My sister has a gorgeous 4 year girl whom they adopted at 6 months old and they have never looked back. x

Thanks Mantaray, that’s really lovely to hear ☺️ how are you doing? X

All good thanks. I’m 25+1 after our donor round in Spain. Still scared and can’t believe that our dream may actually come true. X

Oh fantastic, congratulations! I can understand your fear, I think when you’ve been through what we have, that anxiety remains until that baby is healthy in your arms. That’s certainly how a friend of mine felt after 7 ivf rounds, she didn’t even tell some people then had to deal with shocked faces in the supermarket in her third trimester! Totally understandable but I really hope everything goes so well for you xx

Hi Georgina, just to say hi and good luck with this exciting next stage of your adventure! It’s a wonderful decision to have made and I’m so happy for you. Keep us posted! Xx

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Georgina78 in reply to sipidania

Hi lovely! Thanks so much, I will update if there’s any news! How are you doing, how’s your lovely girl? Hope you’re all doing ok xx

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sipidania in reply to Georgina78

She is doing well thankyou - we are very excited about having a normal Christmas after last year’s terrifying December! (They discharged us on 21st last year so we were still in a fairly heightened state of anxiety over Christmas!) xx

Lovely post. Glad you are at peace at what a wonderful new journey for you both. Best of luck and thank you for sharing xx

Thank you Apples2665 😘merry Christmas to you xx

All the very best xxx

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Georgina78 in reply to Sweets1

Thank you Sweets1 xx

I'm so sorry you've had so many setbacks along this rollercoaster, and wish you all the luck for your adoption. It's so exciting! Not sure if you'll remember me but we used to chat fairly often and have rants together to let off steam mid way through treatments! 😁

Lovely to see you on here xx

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Georgina78 in reply to Kat9lives

Hi Kat9lives I do remember you now, hope you and your little one are well? I see you’re trying for a second, wishing you lots of luck.

Yes it’s been tough but we’re moving forward, not without worries, adoption brings a lot of uncertainties but we feel this is the right way to progress, I just couldn’t face further treatment. I tend not to come on here all that often unless I have a notification so I wish you all the luck in the world with your next journey xx

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Kat9lives in reply to Georgina78

Thanks lovely and I wish you all the luck with yours xx

Oh wow, you're at the beginning of such an incredible journey, and there's a little one out there just waiting patiently for you to be their Mummy and Daddy 💞👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 xx I'm so sorry for all your losses to get to this point, but it all starts now! Many congratulations! xx

Thanks chrissie, I certainly hope that’s the case 🙏🏻 wishing you lots of luck on your journey too xx

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