Feeling down today

Just not feeling right today, on iui treatment and last month the treatment was ended as I had too many follicles. Period hasn't arrived, was a week late so went to the hospital to get checked and the pregnancy test was negative. I just cried all the way home. I am now having to wait another week and they will do blood tests and if my period hasn't arrived they will give me drugs to bring it on. Why is life so hard.


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  • It is hard! We failed our first ivf and second frozen last week but you have to keep going. We are! You have to convince yourself that next time will be better, the next one will work!😘 take the day to be sad, and start again tomorrow. That's what we're trying xxxx

  • Thank you, I know it's all a mind game 😘

  • I hope your ok I feel your pain although I'm still trying natural right now but looking like ivf might be on the cards. Life is so cruel sometimes.hope your ok x

  • Thank you xx

  • So sorry you are having a hard time of things! It's emotionally draining isn't it? all I can say is take care of yourself as much as possible and hopefully things will get back on track soon xxx

  • Thank you, just hate not knowing what is going on xx

  • I know exactly how you feel! I've been having IUI treatment for almost a year! Was going to have 3 rounds but literally everything​ that could go wrong has to me so it's been going on what feels like forever! I've over responded, under responded had cysts etc I have had to take tablets to bring on my period 3 times.

    Give yourself a break, remember not only are you going through this emotional rollercoaster & doing your day to day life you are also essentially messing with your hormones so even more sensitive. It's ok to have bad days just try not to let it consume you. When I have a my dark day as hubby calls it I walk the dog to try clear my head then sit & watch a feel good film with a face pack on & some chocolate.

    It will get easier. You are stronger than you think. This month might not of worked but there's always next month. Don't loose hope. If you want someone to talk to feel free to message me. I finally had my 3rd round of IUI on Wednesday so currently on the dreaded 2ww.


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