Can't sleep. Scan today

I've been wide awake since 5.40am 😴😴 I have my scan today to check if my lining is ready for my FET which will be next week (if all is well at scan)

Hoping all is OK and I'm ready. I've booked some annual leave from work and made plans to see friends over the week just to keep myself busy.

This cycle (as many other people have experienced) has felt like it's been delayed too much already. The first time being when I called on day 1 of cycle as advised, my form said treatment would start on day 2 for them to then tell me on the call I was to come in now on day 21 as they had changed their protocol (3 week delay to what I had built up in my head with dates) then my period was almost a week late so another weeks delay before starting my progynova. So guess I'm just paranoid I might not be ready today and the dates I have in mind will all go to pot once again.

Anyway that's my moan of the day lol. Hope everyone is keeping well 😊

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  • Just to say good luck and keep well xxxx

  • Thank you 😊 xxx

  • Good luck. Fingers and toes crossed xx

  • Thank you 😊 xxx

  • Good luck for today πŸ€ x

  • Thank you. And good luck to you at your scan 😊 xxx

  • I'm very nervous. I did sleep through, I was just too tired! xx

  • Good luck xx

  • Thanks 😊 xxx

  • Good luck for your scan lovely I've got mine next week with transfer hopefully being 7th April. Keep us updated xxxxx

  • Thank you. You'll be getting excited 😊 xxx

  • Yes I am feeling good today, started my progynova on Saturday so feels like the wheels are in motion now! Xx

  • I believe you have qualified doctors who are doing their best to treat you properly! I know that's always worring and scarry passing through each of the steps in ivf program .. Wish you luck xx

  • Hi Amanda, I totally understand how you feel. I was a week late starting my period too. I went for the scan today to check the lining of the womb and it was only 6.5, it needs to be 8 to continue to FET. So now I have another Scan booked on Friday, so thats a delay as, I expecting to transfer this week. Its so frustrating, but we will get there eventually. Stay positive. How did your scan go?

  • Hope it all went well x

  • Hi Amanda86. Only just seen this post, as been off for a few days. Just hoping all went well and that you can progress with FET. Thinking of you. Diane

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