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About to start again... Maybe... Feeling cautious

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My period arrived yesterday, which in many ways is a stroke of luck, in terms of starting my next (and probably last) ivf cycle. I had hoped to go in Sept, Oct and Nov but plans were scrapped because of a cyst and unfavorable hormone levels.

I was happy it arrived yesterday because there is a brief window of time for me to do treatment this month, I'm due to go abroad at the end of Jan for work, meaning my next chance to do treatment would be april/May. I don't want to put it off that long - I was hoping to complete it long ago.

I went into my clinic this morning expecting something to throw a spanner in the works in some way or another - I've come to realise there is no planning or controlling this process, and to expect the unexpected is a good strategy.

Even so I was nervous, it seems the cyst has gone and I'm waiting on a phone call to confirm the treatment protocol they will put me on. I'm hoping for full stimm short, but if hormones dictate they will advise a natural cycle. Got an annoying feeling it will be the latter.... But I guess you can't argue with what's in your blood.

Hey ho, things might be starting for me, but I'm feeling reserved... Got any words of encouragement for me??!

Much love to everyone here, hoping that 2019 brings lots of good things

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I hope you get to do your cycle and get your baby xx

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magda22 in reply to CC2018

Just had a call from the clinic, hormones are 'nicely synched' (I think that means nothing is wildly out of balance) so they are putting me on short full stimm protocol 👍 thanks for your message, hope all is with you x

Oh good luck to you!!

I think you are absolutely right to be prepared for the unexpected and to roll with it

I fret so much about timings through all cycles even trying to manipulate starts dates so it wouldn't clash with a close family wedding !

But this process really does force its own way through and nothing else matters....so do what's important for you and just go with the flow 🙂

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magda22 in reply to Saya85

Thanks Saya! Yes I've sat pouring over my diary attempting to 'plan' and imagine how things coukd work out and trying to fit treatment into my normal life - it's a mug's game! Now I've got the go ahead, and for the protocol I was hoping for, I'm going to have to contact some colleagues and try to rearrange some work for next week. Grimace. But as you say, this is more important and hopefully everything else can play out. I will do my best to relax with it and go with the flow! X

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Saya85 in reply to magda22

It's hard when others don't know so you feel their judgement

But try and ask yourself if they knew what you were going through would they understand ? Make allowances ? Would you feel guilty ?

If you know the answers to those questions if they would understand then you do what you need to do.... One day they might find out and will be happy for you 🙂

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magda22 in reply to Saya85

Yes good point. I messaged my colleagues and said I have to have a 'medical procedure'. They've been really great about it and are helping me try to reschedule, saying 'health comes first' etc. I'm really touched. And of course, I would do the same to accommodate them if the situation was flipped. Thabjs for your words x

Good luck to you. I hope things go perfectly. Just stay calm and positive. tIts important to take a break and start new. This is what we just did. We even switched to a different doctor. I hope things work for us as well. Will be starting IVF.

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magda22 in reply to hannahding

Good luck to you Hannah, I will try my very best to follow your advice of staying as calm and positive as possible! Such a nuts process. I hope the new year and new start will bring you great success x

All the best, I hope things go smoothly this time for you xx

Good luck! Xx

Oh wishing you all the very best, good luck xxx

I haven’t got any advice, but wanted to wish you the best with your cycle & hope you get a BFP xoxo

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magda22 in reply to

Thanks so much Jess :)

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