Starting this IVF journey in France!

Hey everyone,

It's the first time I've written a post on here, though I've read a few since joining this network.

I actually live in France, so will be going through the IVF process with hubby over here; has anyone been in the same position?!

I'm not sure if the process is identical here to the uk, but I've now had an internal ultrasound test which was fine results wise, plus two blood tests today - a standard one and a hormone test of some kind.

I'm super excited to be on the path to a possible family situation!

Much love and light to all : )


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  • No idea about the similarities I'm afraid, but wishing you luck! It's a very exciting time! Xx

  • Thank you Aleelilook! x

  • Good luck!! It's probably much the same. I'm in the same position but in England. I'm nervous about the next steps but also excited. How are the clinics rated over there xx

  • Hey Daxi16,

    The French system is part government part private, so the medical services are really good, very efficient. I think our next step is to get hubby to the urologist. You do have to make a lot of appointments yourself, which feels a bit like you're driving the process through yourself, but then again it means people actually take responsibility for themselves, which is a good thing. How's it going for you? x

  • Not to bad a roller coaster of emotions but that's normal I guess. We have booked an appointment at the specialist for 1st June so if nothing happens by then we will be going forward to IVF. I've had a positive ovulation test today so I'm praying for a miracle xx

  • Wishing you so much luck and love! x

  • Best of luck on your journey xxx

  • Is it expensive in France? Good luck I hope it works for u xxxx

  • Hi Gem11,

    We're really lucky as we're in the French healthcare system and therefore it's part-funded. We pay a top up insurance like most people do, so it's essentially all covered. If you don't have an insurance you pay that portion yourself.


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