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Starting the IVF/ICSI journey


Hi all. I’m new in the forum, and me and DH are starting our journey with the assisted conception in a few weeks at the GRI in Glasgow.

I’m sorry for my awful English and my (non existent) knowledge of terminology. Im Italian, and my DH too, and I hope you’ll be patient :).

We’ve got our appointment for the screenings for next Tuesday (blood test, HIV, Hepatitis B-C, AMH etc), so everything it’s starting to be real.

Any advise on what happens next, and what the timeframes to start the actual treatment after the screenings day?

I’m starting to be really anxious and nervous.

Thanks in advance

XXX Terry

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Hi terry welcome to the forum you will find it a great support. I had my treatment at the gri also and I just wanted to reassure you that you will get the best care their. Everyone is so nice and patient and they will reassure you throughout. I think after all your tests you are given consents away home to read. You then call on the first day of your next period to see if there is space that month and it all kicks off from there. I wish you the best of luck with it all. You are in very safe hands. Xx

Thanks Blueberry! I’ve been at the GRI a couple of times for the smoke test, and everybody has been kind and helpful and reassuring!

How’s your journey going? Hope everything is fine and wish you all the best too

Thanks again! X

I am so fortunate to be 10wks pregnant from my second cycle. I had a missed misscarriage and a failed frozen with my first cycle. Its been a tough journey but hoping we have finally been rewarded. Keep me posted on how you are getting on.xx

Oh congratulations! I’m so happy for you! I wish you all the best!

I will keep you posted, but keep me posted too!



Hi! Welcome 😊

I don’t know if yours will be different but we both had the relevant tests done, one of mine was called a hycosy which is a procedure that they do to check your tubes are not blocked. Mine were not. After consultations discussing ivf, the nurse spoke to us about the treatment itself, how it works, talked us through the medication, signed the consent forms and worked out a timetable for the treatment.

I am currently in the middle of my first round of ivf. I had my egg collection yesterday and on Saturday the best embryo will be transferred back to me.

I’ve not found the process as bad as I thought, I know everyone is different.

Wishing you all the luck in the world xx

Thanks Kirstyblue! I hope everything will go well and wish you best of luck!

I’ve got an internal scan on March when had our last appointment, and my DH had blood tests and a check up.. everything it’s fine with me. The problem is my hubby.

So we’ll probably go through ICSI.

Let’s see what happens on Tuesday.


Good luck! It’s amazing what hospitals can do! For us, my partner is fine but I never seem to ovulate and have pcos.

Keep us posted on how you get on xx

Same! Keep me posted you too! X

Welcome to the forum, best of luck with your treatment x

Thanks LegoBatgirl!

I’m sure I’ll find a wonderful support in you all here ! X

Welcome to the group hunny, I may be wrong but I think they have to start treatment within 3 months of your Hep bloods etc. In bocca al lupo x x x

TerryNaples in reply to Jonesjp

Thanks! E crepi il lupo!

Let’s see how it’ll go! Xxx

Hi Terry,

I'm also at the GRI and getting those tests on the 28th. After 6 months of waiting, and getting transferred hospitals it's all getting a bit real now! Wish you all the luck, and don't worry about your English, it's far better than my Italian lol.

Good luck to you too! Let this journey be quick and happy!

I’ll probably see you there x

Hi Terry, I am Italian too! So I just want to wish you good luck with your journey! We did our first cycle last month and all the injections were easier than I thought! :)

TerryNaples in reply to Sper

Oh I’m glad to hear that. I’m terrified of the injections and the effects that they can have on me.

How’s your treatment going?


TerryNaples in reply to Sper

Where are you from? As you can guess I’m from Naples, and my hubby too.

Sper in reply to TerryNaples

I'm from Bari! :) We now live in Cambridge. Unfortunately, the treatment ended with a chemical pregnancy. I got my negative result last week, so I am still trying to recover from the disappointment. The positive thing is that we have 5 frozen blastocysts, so we'll try with FET. In bocca lupo per tutto!! 😘

Hello and welcome! Your English is perfect! I’m in a similar situation. I’m all healthy (proved by ovulation tests,blood tests, AMH test and transvaginal scan) but my husband has not got sperm in his sample.

Have they identified the cause of your husbands problems? My husband had to provide two samples (a couple of months apart), have a physical examination of the testes and had genetic/DNA blood tests. Those tests took time as we had to wait for a consultant because we are under NHS. If your husband has already done these tests, it shouldn’t be long at all.

In his case they could not find the problem, so need to carry out a surgical procedure to see if they can find any mature sperm in his testes. Before they book this procedure, we have standard blood tests (again!) and health check up to ensure we are healthy enough for future procedures. If we are deemed healthy enough (I can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t be be) my husband will be sent for this procedure.

It has been a very slow journey for us but we are in Hampshire in England so the area you are has a big impact on your waiting times and if you are private it is likely to be quicker than if you are with NHS.

Fingers crossed all goes well for you both. Keep us up to date xx

TerryNaples in reply to LKT1

Oh I’m so sorry to hear about all of this. I hope everything is getting fast and fine!

My hubby has a very small percentage of sperms, and very low motility too. But his blood tests have been done in March, and they did not came back to us until we received the letter for my screenings appointment next week. So, I think everything else is fine with him.

Hi Terry we’re just starting our journey at the gri as well! We went for tests last month and I phone this month on the first day of my period and they didn’t have spaces for us so we need to wait another month. Hopefully now treatment will start In October. They seem to be a pretty busy clinic. Best of luck to you!

ama4 in reply to MrsTina

oh no i was fearful of this. been told to call them with my period but not feeling hopefuly i will get in either :( xx

TerryNaples in reply to MrsTina

Oh I’m sorry to hear about this delay. It must be a torture to have to wait again. I hope next month will be your month! Keep me posted xxx

Hi Terry. I'm also at GRI. The staff have been great there so you are in safe hands. Xx

TerryNaples in reply to Apple87

Glad to hear that! It’s not an easy journey, and having kind people around you can be helpful.

What stage are you?

Apple87 in reply to TerryNaples

We are just waiting to go for ICSI again. Egg collection was two weeks ago but no transfer unfortunately. Xx

Hi terry

I just wanted to say hi, I’m about to start icsi treatment in Scotland also and we are about at the same stage. We put our treatment on hold for a while but starting treatment next month. It was a while since our initial test and feels a blur, but I went for my scans and bloods and everything was ok, my husbands sample came back with 0 sperm. At that stage he went for biopsy’s and managed to collect enough from the biopsy to carry out 4 cycles. So those are currently on ice waiting for my egg retrieval. If you want to chat or have any questions about our journey please don’t hesitate to ask :) good luck xx

TerryNaples in reply to CLR6

Hi! Thanks for your reply!

I’ll be absolutely happy to have a chat with you!

Anyway, I wish you all the luck in the world!

Hi, I have just had my transfer at the GRI and cannot believe how friendly, caring and helpful all of the staff have been. Good luck with your treatment x

TerryNaples in reply to M1980

Glad to hear that! My prayers with yous guys!

How long did it take for the whole process to start? I know that I should be patient, but I really look forward to start the treatment..

M1980 in reply to TerryNaples

I can't quite remember, the last few weeks have been a blur! Think it is different for everyone depending on the protocol you are on. We had our first appointment last July. However had my first injection to kick start the whole procedure at the start of July this year. Then had a period, another appointment with scan, then started daily injections, then nasal spray, then scans to check size of follicles, then egg collection, then 5 days later egg transfer and now the wait to see if it has been everything crossed now!!! Good luck with your cycle!

TerryNaples in reply to M1980

Oh good luck! And keep me updated! Xxx

Hi TerryNaples

First appointment at GRI was carbon monoxide test (both), swabs and blood test (me), no Hep/HIV at this stage. You are sent home with all the consent forms to look over.

2nd appointment (approx 6 weeks later). Go through consent forms and test results and given protocol details which includes the drugs you'll be on and space to write the dates for when you take certain drugs (not given dates at this stage), told to call on your next period, but unlikely there will be a space.

When you call on your next period they will ask you to call again on your next period, however you are given a provisional date for a scan, for me this was 9 weeks away from when I phoned. We were told we wont get our Hep and HIV test done until the morning we are called in to get shown how we inject and then we can add the dates to out protocol sheet. And that's where we are at the moment.

Still not quite sure when we will start the drugs, if this is before or after the October scan. Best of luck.

ama4 in reply to Eeek

hi hun. thats a shame you are having to wait until your next period, i was in on monday to sign paperwork and told to call with my next period but not hopeful i will be taking either :( loosing patience xx

TerryNaples in reply to Eeek

Oh it seems to be a loooong journey.

I knew that it was not an “instant” thing, but I was hoping it was a bit quicker then that.

Anyway girls, best of luck to both of you! Keep me posted!

I’ll probably see you both there sooner or later.. xxx

Controlling ur anxiety and stress is so important. Ur mind must be “when it happens, when I’m pregnant” not “if”.

I used relation techniques, positive imagery. I remembered a dream I had as an 11 and 12 year old girl. In the dream a beautiful brown haired, blue eyed little girl dressed in blue jean overalls.

I used that image as my destiny during IVF and.after embryo transfer. I also at that point used imagery of a little baby bird snuggling into its nest in my uterus which was all ready for it.

Please don’t trap urself into expecting every step will be perfect, it’s not. Ev woman is different, every doctor, and everyone’s way they cope with the up n downs.

Personally my first try, I only had 3 eggs, two fertilized in a day then on the second day the third fertilized. Yet I was crushed when only 2 eggs visible when sch for egg retrieval. Galway into procedure, a third egg hiding behind ovary. Doc told me 50% typically fertilize and 50 % of those at most may lead to live birth. I was 38.

The transfer was Thanksgiving day 1995. While I laid in bed for 3 days, I held onto a rattle and a package of newborn t shirts my friend gave me.

Two implanted. One developed a heartbeat on ultrasound and one didn’t. In my dream there was only one little girl, brown hair blue eyes like mine

Flash forward: that brown haired blue eyed beautiful girl in 22 years old.

It was meant to be. I proved the doctors wrong who told me I wd never have children.

And it only took one trial of IVF.

Bless u and believe there is a little one for u and it will happen.

You made me cry. I constantly have a similar dream since I was 20. But blond girl with long and curly crazy hair and brown eyes. I pray everyday that it’ll happen..

Thanks for your words! Thank you very much <3

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