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Is a massage ok when had IUI treatment?

Hi everyone

A good friend of mine just booked me in to have a full body aromatherapy massage as a treat & to help me relax. I had IUI on Tuesday so just a bit worried if it can effect anything. I've googled it & seem to find mixed messages. Should I just ask them to not massage my tummy or not have it done at all?

Thanks 😊

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Hi theblondeone. This shouldn’t be a problem, but always make sure that the oils used are diluted, usually 2-3 drops of whichever essential oils with 10 mls of “carrier” oil e.g. almond oil. It is advisable not to have massage during the first 12/40 wks of pregnancy as it can induce extra blood flow to certain areas and has been known to cause miscarriage in some cases. Good luck and - enjoy! Diane

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Hi Diane

That's really interesting as I've read that acupuncture is good because it can increase blood flow?! But massage could be bad for increasing blood flow? I'm trying to decide on which relaxation techniques will be best prior to starting ivf x


Hi Scarlett13. I think it's more down to which oils are used. I believe that lavender is not good. Why not check with your clinic and see what they have to say. They should give you good advice. I hope whatever you do decide benefits you. Diane

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