Is a massage ok when had IUI treatment?

Hi everyone

A good friend of mine just booked me in to have a full body aromatherapy massage as a treat & to help me relax. I had IUI on Tuesday so just a bit worried if it can effect anything. I've googled it & seem to find mixed messages. Should I just ask them to not massage my tummy or not have it done at all?

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  • Hi theblondeone. This shouldnโ€™t be a problem, but always make sure that the oils used are diluted, usually 2-3 drops of whichever essential oils with 10 mls of โ€œcarrierโ€ oil e.g. almond oil. It is advisable not to have massage during the first 12/40 wks of pregnancy as it can induce extra blood flow to certain areas and has been known to cause miscarriage in some cases. Good luck and - enjoy! Diane

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