Not allowed a massage or facial during the first trimester :(


Thought I would post about this because I felt like a fool when I was told that you aren't really allowed to have a massage or facial in your first trimester! Anyway, I was so looking forward to it on Friday because I've been very anxious waiting for my first scan and when I got there she asked me to fill paperwork out and it asks you if you are pregnant. So of course I ticked "yes" because I don't want them to use anything on me that might put things at risk. Anyway, then the beautician comes back in and says she is really sorry but she can't do any massage or facial in the first trimester because it apparently stimulates the immune system which isn't good for you.

So.. sigh.. went home without having a treatment at all and felt pretty stupid for not knowing that.

Another interesting experience was that the beautician herself admitted she was about to have IVF. She is the first person I have met in real life that I've known is having fertility treatment. It was kind of nice to know I'm not the only one going through it (although I know I have all your virtual peeps to talk about it with).

Only 5 days until my scan now. Feels like forever.

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  • Hi Em, omg thanks for sharing this info!! I had a panic when i first started reading this as I only had a massage and facial yesterday... But im not pregnant yet (having ET today) shame they couldnt have offered you a manicure or pedicure instead though...

    Congratulations on your BFP and super excited for you to see your bean โ˜บ๏ธ Xxx

  • I think you can get them done at specialised centres but the beautician was fairly new and not familiar with the existing products they used. I don't do manis and pedis so just had to go home with nothing :(

    I did appreciate her looking out for me though. I'm sure some beauticians would have glossed over that and just taken my money!

  • I knew about the massage from when my friends have been pregnant but had no clue about a facial! You just wouldn't think about that would you?! I have a spa day next month, looks like I'm having a manicure! Thanks for sharing!

    Five more days lovely, hang in there!! x x x

  • The facial depends on the products they use. The therapist I was using is new and she didn't know the products currently in use in terms of safety in pregnancy. At least she was honest about it and I rather be cautious than not! Call the spa place in advance to check with them and I'm sure they can tell you if they have safe-in-pregnancy products.

    Not long now!! Thanks X

  • Seems to vary a little - massage is a no-no but some places still seem to offer facials.

    Just to say that if you're considering pregnancy yoga or Pilates, the same guidelines apply. They say to wait until 14 weeks to do it.

    Good luck for the scan!!

  • Thanks for the advice about yoga and pilates. Hadn't thought about going to a class yet but have just been sticking to walking and that seems to help.

  • Hi, im a therapist myself, unfortunately you definitely need to stay away from massages in first trimester, some facials are ok sone are not depends on brand so best to wait. I would also avoid pedicures too as quite stimulating on certain reflex areas on feet so not worth it. Im nearly 14 weeks now so got a pamper day booked next week. Ive just be continuing my Acupunture as way to relax x

  • Thanks - I'm definitely waiting for after 14 weeks now. Congratulations on reaching 14 weeks - I bet you are relieved to be past the scary first trimester! May book some acupuncture in if I feel I need it. I am very tired and very hungry!

  • That resonated with me Emblazes as my husband and went to get a massage and also was really looking forward to it. Just as we arrived I suddenly thought I better check and indeed after a quick google had to cancel the massage for me. But I got my nails trimmed and shaped and a foot cleaning instead, lol, while my husband enjoyed the massage!

  • Well better than nothing Rose :) I just felt so silly not knowing. When you go through IVF you feel like you are an EXPERT on what to do and not to do in pregnancy!! At least some sort of foot treatment is better than nothing at all. I don't bother with manicures or pedicures as I'm pretty au naturel, but I am looking forward to a massage again eventually!

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