Hi, I'm feeling quite down. I started spotting yesterday, it was quiet pink and now today I'm 6days post transfer and it's turned into dark blood. Sorry if TMI. It looks like it may be AF arriving but thought that wouldn't happen for a while as I was told my progesterone levels were really high -176 on tues so told to stop taking cyclogest. I feel like I should start taking it again but I can't ask my clinic as it's the weekend. Has anyone got any advice? Many thanks xxx

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  • It sounds like it could be implantation bleeding xx

  • Could well be implantation 🀞🏻 and your timing sounds good for implantation, your clinic should have an emergency line you can call out of hours xxx

  • Thanks both for responding. I spoke to the clinic who said start taking progesterone again 3 times a day. That may have been why I have been bleeding xxx

  • Big hugs and keep positive xx

  • Thanks Emu! Yep I must stay positive. Best of luck with your protocol.xx

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