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Hi ladies

Sorry to post again. As expected I have a very swollen/gassy tummy (about the size of an 8 month pregnant woman!) and have already been told I'm borderline OHSS before leaving the hospital after EC. This is my 2nd cycle so I know how a "normal" sore tummy feels like after EC...and this is an extreme version. I've gained weight since EC, pass urine very slowly and feel like I'm very full or need to pass wind but it's very hard to. I've tried massaging my tummy, pulling my knees up to my tummy when on my back and rotating them from side to side etc. I've tried peppermint tea which eased the feeling a bit and even tried eating raw ginger. I've been drinking so much water and eating protein rich meals (although smaller than normal) and haven't been to the loo for a no. 2 for 2 days and feel quite constipated. I'm also taking paracetamol when the "stabbing" pain in my lower abdomen gets too sore but am avoiding the codeine given to me as I know it causes constipation!! I'm going to try an electrolyte drink later and have acupuncture too but any tips on getting this pressure to reduce would be GRATEFULLY appreciated. I basically just need one great big fart!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

I'm a bit worried the clinic might cancel my transfer if this persists so would really appreciate any help.

Thanks for reading πŸ’•xxx

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  • This is me at the moment! Lol I found laying on my left side helped and a warm not hot hot water bottle. Paracetamol too like you said. I don't know if you're drinking a lot of plain water too but I was told it helps get rid of the excess fluid. Best of luck to you and hope you feel better xxxx

  • Aw Kat! I hope you start to feel better soon, thinking of you xx

  • Hi hun, im also bloated and had real trouble going for a no.2 😳 Then last night i had the most excruciating stabbing pains and eventually after spending half an hour on the loo i managed a couple of nuggets (sorry for tmi) so im guessing its the constipation thats responsible for the bloatedness and pains?? Caused by the pain killers?? And Not the recovering ovaries? So after all that time on the loo, I actually ended up with diorrhea and I felt loads better after getting out all the toxins... Id say try and push for a good poo, but if youre having real trouble maybe phone the surgery and ask if you can do/take anything to help you go... The way i think about it is that ive eaten a fair bit since The EC and the fact that its still in my body is making me bloated and hence why i feel better when i fart too lol cos of all the gasses lol Im no dr but i think all this business has messaged with our digestive system 😳 Hope youre ok, keep us posted xxx

  • Thanks hun. There's never tmi on this forum!! πŸ˜‰I rang the clinic this morn and they said because I've had 19 eggs collected (and there were 30+ follicles) is expected I'll be bigger than last time and swollen etc. She suggested doing the pessaries vaginally for a day (but not on transfer day). Im going for acupuncture later and drinuking peppermint tea which has helped a tiny bit. I've been to the loo a very small amount (no.2) which helped too. Sorry for the tmi! I guess we just have to ride it out. Can't believe how much worse it is than last time! The things we do hey girls!

    Sending lots of love, luck and gas free tummies to you all xxx

  • Hey


    I was told to follow the following to the letter

    2 litres of sporty drinks a day

    6 egg whites

    Protein powder ( body builder stuff)

    Weigh at the same time each morning, if you put one kilo in from one day to the other you need to go straight to hospital

    It sucks 😣

    With regards to the eggs, boil then ask in the morning and have 2 each meal , cooking them separately will make you feel crap.

    Kiwi and activia yogurt will make you pass all the"nuggets" you need

    Good luck sweetheart πŸ˜ƒ

  • Thanks hun well give it a go xx

  • You can buy peppermint tea with licorice, but I can't for the life of me remember the name. Comes in small boxes of 20. Boss used them last year when the cyclogest upset her.

  • Was it pukka tea or teapigs? Xx

  • That's it pukka tea, sorry Sun's got to my brain πŸ˜• xx

  • Thanks xxx

  • Hi, hun, I'm sorry you're feeling this!! :(

    Most cases of ohss are mild and clear up after a few days of treatment at home. Considerably mild symptoms include: a swollen or bloated tummy or mild pain in your lower tummy, feeling nauseous.

    Having these the best thing is to contact your clinic for advice.

    More severe cases of ohss may require you even to stay in hospital. This is because it can lead to potentially life-threatening complications such as extra fluid in your body, thrombosis, and problems with your kidneys, liver and lungs. :( - This is what I gat to know about with our very first try ending with ohss.

    Severe symptoms are: severe pain or swelling in your stomach, vomiting, difficulty breathing, feeling very thirsty, having dark wee and not weeing very often redness, hotness or tenderness in your legs.

    In some cases (severe symptoms, or if a woman is at risk of them getting worse) experts even recommend freezing embryos until ohss clears up.

    Hope you'll feel better soon, take care Xx

  • Thanks ladies for all the are all superstars xxxx. I've been drinking turmeric in hot water and it has had an amazing effect... one to recommend if any of you suffer with this (but it tastes disgusting) xxx

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