Well the ball has finally started rolling and my husband and I had to attend an appointment yesterday for blood tests. They took extra blood from me as they needed to test my thyroid levels. They said I was tested last August and my level was OK but slightly too high for what they would prefer!

They said if the levels are still high (or too low) they might have to suspend treatment. I'm worried about this as it's the first time anyone has mentioned thyroid being a problem. We've waited so long (two years) to get to this stage and would hate to be set back again.

Can anyone give me more advice on this? What level do I need to be at? How can I make sure I'm at the right level? Has anyone experienced a postponement because of their thyroid levels?

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  • Hi, i have underactive thyroid.

    I from memory i think it has to be below 2.5 but not 100%.

    My thryroid was completly ignored untill last min and the nurce rang me up and said its rather high from tests done in aug which were ignored and they discovered them high in january ๐Ÿ˜•. Any way when they retested them the tsh were perfect but my thyroid antibodys where high, they put me on steriods from start of treatment.

    Unfortuatly my cycle ended in chemical pregnancy.

    We have since changed clinics as ours shut, but i have every intention of pushing thyroid at them and asking more questions as it can cause miscarriage if not kept at right levels.

    Im sure someone will have more technical and indepth information about it on here.

    Good luck i hope your levels are fine and you get started xx

  • Thank you for the response, like you, there was no mention of thyroid levels until now and it came out of the blue. If my levels weren't quite right last August then why wasn't something mentioned then? Anyway, I'm having a bit of a rant lol.

  • I should of mention ive been levythyroxine for 15 years treating underactive thyroid.

    I can understand your frustrations, i was at breaking point when they told me it was high and was in the same position as you.

    Rant away makes you feel better in the long run x

  • Not sure what values they should be but thyroid is v important for fertility. I was trying for a year and got tested for it, found out mine was within range but borderline underactive. So I started taking levythyroxine for it and the levels eventually went back to normal. Within a couple of months, I also lost some weight and I got pregnant naturally! It seemed that thyroid was definitely a factor in not being able to conceive for me. Unfortunately I did go on to have 3 miscarriages but these were unrelated to thyroid as I then found out I had sticky blood.

    To keep it under control, you should be getting blood tests every quarter and adjusting medication as needed. And when you become pregnant, it has to be checked again as you may need to change the dose. There is a little bit of trial and error as they determine what dose you should be on but it is certainly treatable. It was my GP who treated me for it and does my blood tests.

  • Our first clinic didn't test for thyroid. 2nd wanted it under 2.5 mine was slightly over so GP agreed to prescribed medication and it dropped very quickly to under 2.5. They said that if we'd got a BFP that it would have to monitored through out pregnancy.

    It seems some clinics are bothered and others aren't.

  • It should be below 2.5, preferably closer to 1,

  • Hi it was during fertility investigations my hypo flagged up, my tsh at that point was 3.4 but they decided to just keep an eye on it. 4 years later of unsuccessful ttc they started me on low dose Levo which has now increased to 125 as we are 11 weeks pregnant. Personally I think the untreated thyroid was the reason we never got our bfp. We had a miscarriage a long time ago and I think that may have been due to lack of maternal thyroid. They have kept a very close eye on me this pregnancy so far and I have to have my levels checked every 2 weeks. They never said they wouldn't treat me at the fertility clinic based on my tsh alone which they want to be between 0-2 now by the way, but they did say no if my weight continued to climb which it was doing due to being hypo thyroid. Your thyroid needs to be under control, in my opinion to get pregnant and stay pregnant. But that's only my personal experience ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Good luck ๐Ÿ˜Š Xxxxxx

  • Hi, I was tested for thyroid before beginning treatment last year and although was within a normal range it was slightly too high for fertility treatment. I was put on levothyroxine for 3 months before I could start treatment. Unfortunately we went on to get a BFN in our first cycle along with the following FET. We're due to start our second cycle this summer and have had numerous blood tests and have had to go back on the Levo for 3 months before starting treatment again. It was a pain initially when treatment was put back 3 months but this year we've planned everything around the treatment to allow my thyroid levels to drop again. Try not to worry about it, it's best that these things are sorted prior to starting treatment to give you the best possible chance. Good luck xx

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