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So damn confused!!! 😵

I haven't posted for so long as trying to sort my head out after suffering badly from miscarriage grief and 4th failed ivf and"feeling stuck" at cross roads for so long.

I've had some tests and got my results from gp (hosptial are a nightmare and so behind with their work. Still waiting from tests I had over a month ago and the receptionist has a disgusting attitude!!) and they said I had pcos due to having pco and the infertility as that is 2/5 symptoms which is enough to diagnose in her opinion. ( i also get loadd of pelvic pain which she said is unrelated to pcos)

My periods have been a bit longer now too. 38 days instead of 31days but I've been under an immense amount of stress and last one was 32 days so seems to ve settling again.

However my point is that is that's the case why would I only now be diagnosed? Ive gone through 4 ivf rounds and was originally referred with pco characteristics but not the syndrome yet all the way through my ivf I was told I dont have pcos or pco. However I didget ohss very easily and was hospitalised with it during my miscarriage.

Should my ivf clinic have found it or is that enough to diagnose? It'll be interesting to see the hospital results if and when I ever get them.

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Hi Soapsuds86. Well you certainly have had a dreadful struggle with all of this. I was so sorry to hear that you had suffered a miscarriage too, which is never easy at whatever stage of pregnancy you are at. At least your menstrual cycle has calmed back down again, which I assume has happened since recovering from the miscarriage. The pelvic pain you experience could well be down to the after effects of OHSS which can cause infection and scarring, or even following on from the miscarriage, I don’t know. You obviously need to have a serious discussion with your consultant about all of this, and I do hope you get better information this time. Good luck! Diane


Thank you. My miscarriage was a year ago and i had more or less normal periods then. It's been over the past 4 months where they've beem a bit later. I test for ovulation and it still shows ovulation. It ties in with how stressed I have been.

I'm having a laporoscopy next month so hoping that'll give some answers as no one can explain my pelvic pain especially during ovulation. Hoping it'll shed some light for scaring or endometriosis etc... I wasn't even aware that scaring after ohss is a possibility.

The ivf clinic want to charge me £200 for an hour visit after my follow up after giving me idead to try AFTER the consultation. When I questioned them about it as I was adviced, they told me to book. I'm thinking the complaint root with them. Its just more upheavel, more stress etc which is why I've left it but need to question it now. Thank you!


I was going to say it sounds like a laparoscopy might give you some answers, glad you have one booked.

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Hi Soapssuds86. Thanks for the detailed information. I wasn't aware that your miscarriage happened a year ago. However, I am so pleased that you have been booked to have a laparoscopy so they can hopefully get to the bottom of your pelvic pain. At least it should rule out endometriosis, adhesions and ovarian cysts, which should be able to be dealt with during the procedure. I don't know whether I have offered before, with apologies if I have, but I do have a couple of lists of questions for you to have a look through before you go back for the follow up appointment following the laparoscopy. There just may be a couple of questions you hadn't thought of asking. If you email me in confidence to support@fertilitynetworkuk.org I will send them on. The lists are too long to add here. Meanwhile I hope all goes straightforward when you have the op. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you. No you hadn't sent the questions for laporoscopy follow up. I will email you, thank you.

Ive now had my results saying i don't have pcos and gp said that i do have it from the same results so I'm more confused than ever. Hopefully it'll give me the right answers


Hi Soapsuds86. How annoying is that to get 2 conflicting answers to test results! Let's hoe the questions help you to find the right answers. Good luck! Diane


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