AF pains before FET - is this normal?

Hey everyone,

So today I've been having AF pains on and off. My period would be due 8 days from today and this is around when I would normally start getting the odd pains before AF came. Is this quite normal before FET?

I'm having my transfer tomorrow.

Thanks x

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  • I had this exact same problem, I was convinced my period was coming. I even had the doctors check my womb lining on the day of transfer just to settle my mind.

    You need to keep thinking that it's not necessarily the womb lining but your body goes through different things during ovulation. It could be anything.

    Make sure you speak to your doctor about it in the morning. I hope it all goes well for you tomorrow. X

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm just so paranoid. Can't remember if I had this last time or not.

    I'll make sure I speak with the hospital tomorrow and maybe they can offer me a scan for some reassurance.

    Thank you. I'm so nervous but also excited as well xxx

  • I knew that the scan was just for me, after all the embryo will already be defrosted and there will be nothing they can do if your lining is thin. So it is a chance to take, but I needed to know. I even told the doctor to lie to me if there was something lol.

    I just could not do the wait thinking it was already over before it began.

  • Hi Amanda, if you have any concerns, speak to the doctor when you go in for transfer. They may offer to do a scan for you. Think positive xx

  • Thank you 😊 I think it's possibly been the progestogen? I haven't taken it this morning as I've not to take it until after my transfer and I actually haven't felt any cramps.

    Stomach a little sore earliest but I had an upset stomach which might have been why. Think it's nerves πŸ€” xxx

  • keep positive and good luck with your transfer x

  • I had the same types of pain and was told it was the progesterone pessaries. Are you taking them? If so, it is probably that.

  • Hi Amanda86. Just hoping the pains have now subsided and that your FET went to plan. Thinking of you and hoping you're having a nice rest. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, All went well. Pains were away by day of transfer and yesterday we have a 5BA hatching blastocyst transferred. Off work this week so lots of plans to meet friends for lunch/dinner and resting when I'm at home 😊 xxx

  • Hi Amanda86. Oh that's such a relief to hear. Rest well, and make sure your friends make a fuss of you. Diane

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