Is this normal?

Hey all,

So I had egg collection Monday but today is the worst pain I've felt since having it.

I didn't take my first paracetamol until 3pm today because I only had the horrible chalky ones so needed to wait until I picked some coated ones up at the shop.

Anyway I've got quite strong abdominal pain and I'm quite bloated. I'm using a hot water bottle but it's not helping much to be honest. I'm also getting the odd shooting pain up my bottom (sorry tmi).

I'm drinking lots and peeing frequently.

Just a bit worried. Sorry this posted before I had finished so I had to edit it.

Thanks for any help x

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  • Hi Amanda. I had some quite sharp quick ovary cramps and I'm still getting them today but no bloating. Do you feel nauseous at all? Any difficulties in breathing or headaches? If the answer is yes to any of the above then ring your clinic! In fact I'd ring them anyway if I were you just to be on the safe side.. my clinic had some concerns for me with OHSS and got me to go in for a scan after EC but before ET. Also told me to measure the width of my stomach every day (to check for bloating) and weigh myself daily. X

  • Thanks for the reply. No nausea and no headaches. Just bad pain and I might have been bloated before although it's only today I've had a proper feel of my stomach.

    I went a food shop today and done some housework and I'm not sure if I've maybe overdone it?

    It's just the pain is more intense than I've had and usually hot water bottle eases it right away. I have to say it's easing slightly now but it's taken about an hour.

    I will give it another half hour and if I'm no better I will call them as guess it's better to be safe.

    Thank so much for your reply xxx

  • Make sure you do call if you're at all worried. Take it easy x

  • I will do. Thank you 😊 xxx

  • Hey honey

    Have you tried ginger?

    Hot bath

    Ice pack

    Take time to recover, your ovaries have been super stretched, then needed stuck into them. Now there are gaps where the ovules were.

    Be kind and stop the house work

  • Thanks miracle,

    I feel lots better now and it seems the symptoms I had were quite possibly from my vaginal cream which is called crinone. All the symptoms that come with that I had.

    Definitely taking things easy from now though. No more housework until the 2ww is over xxx

  • That's a great plan💖

  • Hi Amanda86. Make sure you drink lots of water fr a few days too as your ovaries might still be a bit active. Rest when you too and good luck! Diane

  • Ps I looked 6 months pregnant after mine

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