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Endometrial scratch?

Hiya girls

So I am due to go thru my 2nd round of IVF next month after my first IVF failing last October after retrieving 30 eggs none fertilised :(

My treatment is funded by the NHS and I have this morning to told about the endo scratch at that it's meant to improve implantation but we hav to pay for it. It's only like £200 and I'm all up for paying for it. Anyone had it done and had a sucsess from it?


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Hey there, I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago which might help - healthunlocked.com/infertil...


Thank u that's really helped x I'm booked in for 26th March which will also be the day I start my buserilyn xx


Are you going to be doing icsi next to improve fertilisation rate?

I only got 8 eggs and 1 fertilised so icsi for me next time and Definetely going for endo scratch to improve chances


Hey Hun

Yeah doin icsi this time as last time I got 30 eggs 25 were mature and none fertilised as husbands sperm died quickly or motility wasn't good x my gonal f is lower this time as tey said 30 eggs were a bit too much x so hopefully this time we get to the stage where they can actually put a goin one back in x so scared and nervous tho x just want it to work x I'm booked in for endo scratch on 26th March x which clinic are u at Hun?


🙏🙏this is ur time Hun xxxx


Awwww I hope so babe x keep ur fingers crossed for me 😁 hope ur okay x hav u got a bump yet x what's app me when u do 💋👶


Hey angelee thanks for ur reply this post is however 2 yrs old now and as I type this I have a beautiful little 9month old crawling around lol x so it worked for me x I wish u every bit of luck for ur positive xxxx


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