Endometrial scratch?

Hiya girls

So I am due to go thru my 2nd round of IVF next month after my first IVF failing last October after retrieving 30 eggs none fertilised :(

My treatment is funded by the NHS and I have this morning to told about the endo scratch at that it's meant to improve implantation but we hav to pay for it. It's only like Β£200 and I'm all up for paying for it. Anyone had it done and had a sucsess from it?


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  • Hey there, I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago which might help - healthunlocked.com/infertil...

  • Thank u that's really helped x I'm booked in for 26th March which will also be the day I start my buserilyn xx

  • Are you going to be doing icsi next to improve fertilisation rate?

    I only got 8 eggs and 1 fertilised so icsi for me next time and Definetely going for endo scratch to improve chances

  • Hey Hun

    Yeah doin icsi this time as last time I got 30 eggs 25 were mature and none fertilised as husbands sperm died quickly or motility wasn't good x my gonal f is lower this time as tey said 30 eggs were a bit too much x so hopefully this time we get to the stage where they can actually put a goin one back in x so scared and nervous tho x just want it to work x I'm booked in for endo scratch on 26th March x which clinic are u at Hun?

  • πŸ™πŸ™this is ur time Hun xxxx

  • Awwww I hope so babe x keep ur fingers crossed for me 😁 hope ur okay x hav u got a bump yet x what's app me when u do πŸ’‹πŸ‘Ά

  • Hi, hun! I was looking for info myself once and here's what I've found.

    Most failed cycles occur because the embryo was genetically abnormal and not healthy enough to develop into a baby. Sometimes other factors play a role, too. For instance, if the uterine lining is not optimized, then it may be more difficult for an embryo to implant.

    Women who have had multiple failed IVF cycles, despite seemingly good quality embryos, may be candidates for what we call β€œendometrial scratching.” Can endometrial scratching boost IVF success rates? Studies suggest that, in women who have failed prior IVF cycles, endometrial scratching appears to improve the implantation rate of a subsequent cycle.

    Endometrial scratching typically involves performing an endometrial biopsy around day 21 of the menstrual cycle. The biopsy is performed with a very small pipelle (tiny plastic tube) that is inserted through the cervix and into the uterus. A small sample of endometrial tissue is obtained. The procedure often causes cramping, and they recommend taking an over-the-counter pain reliever ahead of time.

    Patients who have failed two or more IVF cycles seem to benefit the most from this procedure. Some studies suggest that endometrial scratching may be as much as 70% more likely to result in a clinical pregnancy as opposed to no treatment (in patients with more than two prior failed cycles!)

    Wish you the best of luck with your treatment. ;) Also keep fingers crossed for us - we're passing DE IVF in Ukrainian Biotexcom now - thanks XX

  • Hey angelee thanks for ur reply this post is however 2 yrs old now and as I type this I have a beautiful little 9month old crawling around lol x so it worked for me x I wish u every bit of luck for ur positive xxxx

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