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Endometrial scratch


Hi Everyone,

So long story short, I accidentally had my endo scratch a month early (I read the letter wrong). Anyway, I had this on Monday afternoon and now it's Thursday afternoon and I am still bleeding. It's not as heavy as a period (yet) it is mainly brown but the odd bit of red blood too. I am not due on my period for another 6 days.

I am not sure if this is my period or if I am bleeding from the scratch! I am meant to call my clinic on first day of period but I can't as I don't know what this is! So frustrating!

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I'd call your clinic and ask just to be safe. I've had the scratch done twice, and both times other than a small amount of spotting immediately after the procedure I didn't bleed. I do get spotting before my period is due, so perhaps it's just that

Hi I think I’ve read that the effects of the scratch can last for three months.

I had a tiny bit of brown spotting for about 24hrs afterwards. Maybe ring your clinic to get their advice to be on the safe side x


Hi gemlin. Just read this and feel sure it is bleeding and old blood from the endo scratch, which should soon settle and stop, then you should have your period as normal. Good luck! Diane

gemlin in reply to DianeArnold

Phew thank you! I’ve been really stressed especially as I’ve already had it at the wrong time!

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to gemlin

You're fine. xx

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