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Self conception kits

Hi all

I have just become aware of some self conception kits where you basically inject the semen into you after collecting it in a cervical cap. Has anyone used them and think they are worthwhile? I'm also a bit confused how they work so any help on that would be useful! Not sure whether to give it a go as feels kind of wierd collecting sperm in a dish and injecting it into you, kind of kills the romance a bit hey?!

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Hi Bec-A. If this is what you want to do, it might be cheaper to buy some syringes and self inseminate yourself that way. Hopefully if you are about to ovulate and your cervical mucus is as it should be, then the sperm will just swim up and through your cervix just the same way as during intercourse. Hopefully any sperm you use is OK. You wouldn't need a cap to collect the sperm. Good luck! Diane


I seen one on eBay . Read it and was unsure . But should imagine it's the same as if you have ivf but cutting all that out and doing insemination x


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