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Self funding & choosing a clinic...confused

Hi everyone, bit of a personal question here but for those of you self funding how did you go about raising the funds? Did any of you remortgage when you only had minimal equity (20% tops) and if so was it easy to do?

What's people's thoughts on choosing a clinic? UK or abroad? Do you go by success rates or technical treatment offered? It's such a minefield and I'm aware its a complete money making venture to these clinics. I can't understand what "extras" to pay for or not. One clinic offers a special incubator for an extra £800 where they take lots of images of your embees and send them to you....what's that all about??! Then you have these ivf packages where you get a discount on paying for upto 3 treatments in a year...I'm so confused!

I'm starting our one & only nhs funded treatment soon but im already convinced it won't be the one that works. The clinic don't look great either in terms of success rates or treatment offered. They are very very basic. At the most I'm seeing it as a diagnostic/get used to it session...so I want to get prepared in practical terms for what comes next.

Thanks guys x x

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Defo look around as they vary so much, we went to a fertility show where there are loads of clinics from uk and abroad so you can get brochures and talk to them all, it's coming again to Manchester in march. Also most clinics offer free consultations so speak to a few and see how you feel hopefully your nhs cycle will work though xxx


Thanks. Its all so confusing as I don't mind paying more if it's genuinely going to increase my chances but I'm worried about getting ripped off at the same time.


Know what you mean, we looked around and taked to loads then just went with our gut instincts x


The embryologist at my nhs clinic (it is luckily one of the top in the country) was insistent that positivity is also important to the outcome, he said you must be hopeful at all points during the cycle because it really does help. So whilst statistically you may been private treatment further down the line, please don't write off this first cycle as a test run and assume in advance it won't work - it could work first time!! Xxx



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I recommend looking at What Clinic. Find ones that meet your criteria, and go from there. Often the clinics are at the fertility shows and many will let you see their clinics, so you aren't going in blind. We chose going abroad and can say not scary at all.

Our gaps between treatments have been quite big, because we self funded and saved for it. We wouldn't have borrowed, because it would be a heartbreaking reminder making the payments if it failed.

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