Keeping hopeful and positive ❤️

Contacted my clinic this afternoon to inform them of our negative result this morning, they were so supportive and encouraging to keep going, we have another 2 Frosties so the plan is to get started on a second cycle in August, not long to wait, keeping hopeful and positive for a good result next time 🤞🏻..... thank you for all your kind comments, there are a lot of lovely people on this forum, makes you feel a bit less alone with it all, everyone is so understanding ❤️

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  • That's good news MichM. Feeling hopeful and positive for you. Xx

  • Thank you so much x x x

  • That's good and gives you a date to aim towards xx

  • It's helped me refocus and be hopeful again x x x

  • A glimmer of hope on a very sad day...I was glad to read this. It sounds like things are on track. Wishing you well xxx

  • Thank you so much x

  • That's lovely news to help brighten a difficult day. I'm hoping to start my 3rd frozen cycle July/August hopefully it'll be lucky for us both x

  • I hope so, best of luck to you ❤️ x x x

  • Glad that you feel a bit better, it is nice to know what the next peice of the jigsaw is and good that you have a supportive clinic too!

  • Thank you, trying to stay hopeful x

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