Hydros and IVF

I had surgery nearly a year ago, he found bilateral hydrosalpinx and did tubal surgery to open them again, he said they would come back just a matter of when.

Some about 7 months later I had a HSG, they said there was some spillage, then 1 month later I had a transvaginal scan and they sai there was no sign of hydros and everything was fine.

My worry is, when we go ahead for IVF, will the hydros flare up again during the process? And thus stop the whole thing?

I'm not really happy going ahead with IVF with my tubes in, but they won't remove my tubes because they said they can't see anything there. I have no working cilia left so it's not like they are useful to me anymore!

If I went privately to have my tubes removed, would the NHS still let me have IVF?

I just don't want to waste our chances

Thanks in advance xx

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  • I had both of my tubes removed in December. I had a laparoscopy last May to dilate (open) my cervix, and when they had a look with the camera they noted bilateral hydrosalpinx. I had HSG in July, and despite having spillage my fertility consultant recommended having both tubes removed- as he felt it would be beneficial for IVF, and said that seeing the hydrosalpinx on the camera was more accurate than a HSG for determining what was going on.

    That said- I was still devastated, and it still upsets me to realise that I will never have a little miracle conception, so it is a big decision. it might be worth Tring to seek a second opinion? x

  • Hi MeganMae, I had both my tubes removed last March for Hydros and only because I could not go down the NHS route for ivf without doing it. One scan showed a huge amount of fluid in my right tube and another scan a week later showed it in my left, so both came out.

    Re your situation as they can't see any at the moment I don't know where you'd stand with it all as can see exactly the reasons why you'd want them out but at the same time if there clear I can see why the NHS may not operate.

    Prob best speaking to your specialist direct. Mine were very clear on it, hydros, no ivf until tubes removed. But may be different in each area. X

  • Hi, this is my experience. I went to a private IVF to get a test to find out why I wasn't getting pregnant. They said both my tubes had fluid in, and they were worried about that having a negative impact on IVF. I also had a chocolate cyst on one ovary. They wouldn't allow me to have IVF even if I paid with this condition - caused by Endo. I took a letter they gave me to my GP and was referred to the NHS and saw a gyne who a year and a half before she decided at that point she would do the surgery as I was frustrated I couldn't start IVF. Just before surgery her response was... I may take out your ovaries as well. At that point I decided to have the surgery done privately. So, both tubes now removed and cysts gone via a lap. I was ready to start and they were now positive I would be pregnant and see a little heartbeat in 7 weeks etc. Let's just say, it's been 3 failed IVFS ICSI later and it's been around 5 years since starting this journey. I regret having my tubes removed, as once they are gone all you have to do is wait for start dates, tests, clinics etc.

    I think if you had your tubes removed privately the NHS wouldn't have a problem with that and they'd still offer you IVF. Make sure you get offered ICSI and not IUI. My private clinic said ICSI would increase chances more than IUI and yet the NHS was adament they wouldn't offer that to increase our chances as it would cost more. I don't know how old you are, but if you can afford it - IVF go private possibly. As for the tubes, it didn't help me at all but I'm older now. I was trying ICSI in my late 30's and nothing.

    A difficult decision for you. Odd that they are suggesting the opposite of what I was told.

    Best wishes x

  • I've had one tube removed after a failed cycle of ivf in 2011,

    Then give up until last year,

    Had my remaining tube clipped after investigations showed it was now in my other tube, NHS wouldn't allow me to go ahead with my cycle of ivf until that was sorted, I had hat done on December and I'm now awaiting to start my 2nd cycle,

    You could ask for further investigation just before your cycle as mine showed up in my first cycle and I choose to carry on as they wasn't sure what it actually was at the time it turn up in between injections scans and ec, I would recommend that you sorted that out first but it's hard on NHS as you have to go by what they say,

    I went private for my first cycle as I was told I wasn't allowed as under 30 and in wrong area, and because I told the NHS gyno I had private NHS treatment that was unsuccessful it reduced my funding NHS down to 2,

    However I did have my first operation that removed my tube done privately at 92 harley street, and that hasn't affected anything. But that was back in 2012, and I've had all the test done again this time round that's how they found it in my other tube, have you explained to. Your gyno your worries?

    I'm in kent and my NHS gyno wouldn't forward me until I had this sorted, but as you said yours is now gone but I was always lead to believe there is no cure for hydrosalpinx that's why I had one removed and now the other clipped,

    Hope you get it sorted or discussed with your gyno,

    Good luck with your cycle when you do start cx

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