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Hi guys!

I’m new here. I’m 40 years old and just had a lap and dye 2 days ago. He found both tubes were blocked with fluid and told me the risks of ivf with the fluid in place and also that I would be completely infertile if the tubes were disconnected which is scary! Although I know it’s a slim chance I’ll get pregnant naturally. So my question is do I have them disconnected or take a chance leaving them.

Can they disconnected them at the egg retrieval?

And once there disconnected, if I need more rounds of ivf can they still get eggs from me?

So confused. Many thanks for your help in advance.

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Hi and welcome.

I had my right tube taken out due to fluid in it, we had to put the ivf on hold to have the operation and we were able to start the treatment again 3 months after the op. I don’t see there being any problem with your eggs as when I had my first round my right ovary was the one with the most follicles. It’s all very confusing isn’t it!! Best of luck xx

I have been told by several consultants that having a hydrosalpinx (tube with liquid) will make implantation much harder, due to the "leaking liquid", which also leads to inflammation, so you are better off without (devastating but true). Also having liquids inside means that is most likely close on the ovary side, so your chance are very slim.

I had my hydrosalpinx clipped, and now doing IVF because my other tube was removed after an ectopic pregnancy. My consultants said I did the right thing, improving my chances of success, so quite the opposite, you may need less IVF rounds.

From the way tubal surgery and egg collection are performed I doubt that you can have them at the same time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions:)

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Hi Raejay. So sorry to hear you have this problem, but unfortunately you can’t get pregnant naturally because they are closed at the open end where the egg gets in. Because of this, excess natural lubrication can only leak out into the womb. It is widely believed that this fluid can prevent a developing embryo created by IVF from implanting so best to clip or remove them before treatment. Of course it means no chance of natural conception once done, so IVF is the way. Your ovaries will be fine, so egg collection should not be a problem. Hope all eventually goes well for you. Diane

Thankyou all for your replies.

It’s a tough decision, but removal seems like it would give me the best chance.

Is there any way to see if they are leaking? And does it pose a problem for the whole of the pregnancy or just in the beginning?

Thanks x

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MofM in reply to Raejay411

If there is fluid inside, unfortunately, it means that they are leaking :(

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Raejay411 in reply to MofM

Which would definitely mean miscarriage in IVF?

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MofM in reply to Raejay411

According to what consultants explained me, it means that implantation will be more difficult. The liquid both “washes” the embryo out before it has time to implant and makes the environment “unwelcoming”.

Hi it is a tough decision. I had to have both my tubes removed due to this it was hard at the time but it all worked well in the end I did ivf and am currently 33 weeks pregnant. Xx

Congratulations 🥰 it is hard and it’s still new. Wasn’t expecting this so it’s a bit of a shock!!!

Did it work in your first go?

My husband thinks we should have a go without snipping tubes. But also don’t want to waste me time if the chance is slim of it working with the fluid left in. Crystal ball anyone!!?

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XxjustmexX in reply to Raejay411

Thank you and it did work first time but ended up in a chemical pregnancy but second time worked 😊 I know I couldn’t do ivf at the clinic I was at until my tubes were sorted hope this helps xx

You are definitely better off without it. Doctors usually say that having them that way creates more issue. I can understand that this must be very confusing for you. Mainly, because it is part of your body. However, some things are better the other way round. Good luck to you. Don't worry things will get better. Sending baby dust your way.

Thankyou so much for your replies. Good luck to you all and merry Christmas xx

I agree with the ladies ; personal did have hydrosalpinx in the past which resulted in 2 failed IVF cycle then got my tube clumped and had failed cycles again . This year I got my left tube removed ; but am still fighting with Endometrios and adhesions . Good luck with your cycle and merry Christmas xx

Hi lovely.... I was diagnosed with hydrosalpinx in both tubes 4 years ago. My consultant advised to get rid of both tubes but i couldn’t bear doing that and got really depressed. I decided for them to try and flush my tubes. I had them flushed and tried naturally but nothing happened. I then went to have ivf and it was found that I had a hydro in one of my tubes. I had the ivf against my consultants advice and it failed. He told me if I want a baby I must have that tube removed. I then had that horrible tube removed and had a frozen transfer 3 months later and I’m now 27 weeks. Please don’t waste any time like me and have your tubes dealt with beforehand..... good luck and wishing you all the best xxx

Awww destiny I’m so sorry but good things have come for you in the end.

He said mine are too badly blocked to even try unblocking them. As I would be high risk ectopic. So I guess these tubes are stopping me getting pregnant and only way is IVF which will probably only work if I get rid of the tubes. It’s just so difficult. Who wound have thought getting pregnant would be so difficult, going back to when I was really young you do everything to not get pregnant 🙄 never knowing that actually I probably never would have

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destiny121 in reply to Raejay411

Ahhhhh in that case I would definitely have them removed before having the ivf... that way your giving your body the best possible chance of success. Also, the laparoscopy procedure is quite quick and you will not need to need stay in over night and recovery is ok so nothing to worry about on that front. The main thing is accepting the diagnosis and grieving for your fertility but once you have a plan it will make sense and will give you a way forward xxx

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MofM in reply to destiny121

Fully agree with destiny. I felt like I was being mutilated, but now I am confident I did the right thing. It takes time.

Hello. They found that I had a hydrosalpinx in my left tube before I started a cycle of ivf using our frozen embryos and was told the fluid in it would be toxic to a pregnancy and would “flush” the embryo out. I therefore had my left fallopian tube clipped. They did a dye test on my right tube at the same time and that was completely blocked but they were unsure of the reason so left it in tact. I would recommend getting the hydrosalpinx sorted and getting straight on with treatment. I did and am now 34 weeks pregnant with our little ivf miracle so there is hope xxx

I know your all right I think I’m just coming to terms with it

Hi, just to add to all the others, I also have bilateral hydro diagnosed in Feb this year. It was a complete shock and was absolutely devastating but the consultant and all research I looked at showed that having the tubes removed was probably the only way we were going to achieve a pregnancy so I had the op in July. It was a quick procedure, home the same evening and after a week or so off work I was OK. We are now waiting for my period to arrive to start our first ivf cycle, and have now pretty much come to terms with the fact that it will never happen naturally for us, just trying to be positive about the future and thanking our lucky stars that we have access to such incredible treatment programmes! Obviously the decision is yours ultimately, but I just had to keep reminding myself that the tubes were only hindering us, and would never work, so there was no point leaving them there. Wishing you all the best, it's an awful thing to come to terms with but you will do in the end x

Yes I’m coming round to this way of thinking. I think it’s just the finality of it!

Good luck with your first cycle xx

Hi I had hudrasalpinx which was found after my failed first cycle as the liquid basically kills the embryos

I had to have a tube removed then I gave up for years and decided to try ivf again which I had to go through all the checks which found to have it in my only tube which I had clipped in 2017 and had my 2nd cycle in July and was successful my son is now 9 months old.

I would definitely highly recommend to get it sorted before going down the ivf route they may just clip them

Wish you luck on your journey x

Ps yes they still can get eggs from you, you just can’t get pregnant naturally if both tubes are clipped or removed, as they got mine from me after having my only tube clipped x

You would require keyhole surgery through belly button to have them clipped or removed prior to egg collection or after if half way through they may decide to freeze the eggs then sort out the hydralasalpinx

Thankyou for all your replies.

I have another question!

I’m currently on day 35 of my cycle having had a 21 day period.

My cycle is normally 25-27 days. First time I’ve had a long period and this long cycle.

Last few days been getting a bit of brown stringy discharge.

Am I ever going to get my period again?

Can I have IVF if I’m not having periods.

I told the surgeon when he did the lap and dye. He said he didn’t know why it happened.

Thanks again ladies x

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