Hi Ladies, im so curious to hear if anyone has had successful IVF with hydrosalphinx present? my tubes are both blocked with this and because ive got a massive past history of surgeries so they want to proceed straight to IVF as i could end up with a colostomy if they operate. I have read so much online that hydros drastically cut your chances of it working! xxxx

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  • Hello, I have this condition (one of many) and my hospital want to operate before we have IVF. I haven't had gyny surgery before though.

    We weren't told about the risk of needing a colostomy bag, it was only when we asked as we'd heard it could lead to that. Their response was there are risks with all operations and the bowl isn't immediately next to where they would be operating and they would obviously try not to damage the bowel.

    I must stress that I need a few things when I have my surgery and not just the hydrasalphinx and you mention you have a past history of operations. I would say that they are doing what they think is right for you and they wouldn't let you have IVF if they didn't think it would have a chance of working (that's what they told us). Your health will be their first priority but they will still do what they can do give you every chance possible of having a baby.

    I know you asked about successful IVF with hydrasalphinx so I've not really answered the question you asked, but I thought it might help if I share what we were told x

  • Hi Louise, thank you for taking the time to reply, my family have all said that they wouldnt let me proceed with IVF straight away if they didnt think there was a chance but i just wanted to hear that off someone who is kind of in the same boat as me! its really scary as i have had a bag before and i would be completely scarred if i ever had to go back to that! is your hydrosalphinx in both tubes? x

  • Hi katiemiller94. All I can add to this, is that years ago when I started in this game, we used to carry out IVF with hydrosalpinx being present, and we got our pregnancies then, so I hope it can happen for you too. Diane

  • That's okay. Yes your family have said the same as what our doctors told us, they wouldn't even consider IVF for anyone if they didn't think it could work, regardless of the diagnosis that's got you to that point.

    Sorry to hear you've had a bag before, I can only imagine how traumatic and difficult that must be. An extra thing you wouldn't want on top of everything else. I am worried that I will end up in that situation too.

    From the tests and scans I've had, they aren't sure if it's in both tubes or not but it's quite significant in one and it's damaged that tube as well. They said they won't know about the second tube until I have my operation (no date yet and it's been cancelled once already) but they are going to assume it's in both x

  • Thank you Diane, that has definitely put a smile on my face knowing that its possible xxxxxx

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