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Looks like I lost the pregnancy :-(

Hi everyone,

2 days I go posted on here about getting pregnant on our first IVF attempt. Well it looks like I lost it this morning. :-(

I started cramping a lot last night. Have Endometriosis everywhere and the pain was the same. Then started spotting fresh blood and this morning got a heavy bleed and it looks like everything came out with it. We are devastated as we believe that I had a miscarriage before last year in May where I had no period for 2 months, only had spotting and then had a heavy bleed where I passed something that looked like a foetus!

I went to the GP about it back then which also believed that I miscarried.

I have blocked tubes (partly blocked) and it looks like that I can conceive but to miscarry just days later is awful.

The other thing is that I also have Asthma and I know from some research that Asthma & Endo are auto immune diseases. So we are looking into getting tests done to see if my body attacks the growing embryos. We had 2 embryos transferred and where so hopeful that they would stick.

Feeling awful just now and hope there is something we can do to increase our chances for our last IVF attempt.

I did get both my tubes checked and the Drs said that I do not have a hydro and that my tubes are simply blocked due to the Endometriosis that has grown around them.

They did say that if we open them that there is an increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy.

I am not keen on any more surgery unless I really have too as last time I was in surgery for 3 hrs and took weeks to recover.

The Drs said they don't see a point in removing my tubes and my partner is also against it as he thinks we might have a chance of still conceiving naturally even if the next IVF fails as well. I also know other ladies that conceived naturally with partly blocked tubes. So decided to keep them.

If anyone has any experience with this and knows what tests we could get done to see why I miscarry - that would be fantastic.

Thank you & I wish everyone on here lots of good luck on this tough journey xx

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First of all I'm so so sorry to hear that you had bleeding. I would urge you to get yourself checked out coz if you have you need to know it's all gone otherwise that could make you ill. If you had more than one transferred it might be that one didn't make it. Secondly I had very heavy bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant with my son and I was so sure I lost him but was pleasantly surprised that there was a heart beat and he's fine,some women do bleed during pregnancy and have healthy babies does not always mean miscarriage. I hope it's the same for you. I do not know what to say thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs if you need a chat here good luck xxx

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Oh no Ines, so very sorry to read this. I agree with Jess, you must get checked out and make sure you are okay....and you never know until you know. Thinking of you and your hubby today xx


Thinking of you Hun xx


:( :( Oh no hun. Really feel for you. Really do. I would get a scan at the early pregnancy unit at the hospital. Just to make sure all else is ok. Big hugs. Stay strong.

Am thinking of you.



I've been trying to write this at work for ages!!....

Oh no :-(

Have you got an emergency contact number you can ring to discuss? They could organise some blood tests for you and check you over?

I had a similar experience when I was taking clomid last year and experienced the most horrendous pain where I nearly fainted and couldn't move off the floor. I didn't go to the hospital on the day, but looking back on it now both my hubby and I said we should have gone. I called the gyne clinic the next day and the nurse said that as it was at the start of my period it would probably just be the endo getting worse. I personally wasn't convinced at all with that reason, as I've never experienced it like that before!!

I passed something a few days later that I can't really describe, but it looked like it was something similar to what I imagine an early stage embryo to look like :-(

When I had my appointment with the gyne after that, he said it could have been a cyst and requested a scan. The sonography lady took forever, asked lots of questions and I was then asked to have emergency blood tests as they were worried about a chronic ectopic and they looked pretty concerned!

The levels came back ok and they never did any further investigation.....

Do you think there could be any possibility that two could have implanted and you are left with one?

Keep your fingers crossed, until you know for definite. Although I can understand the stress and worry you are going through x

It's so difficult to know what to do with the body, as when my AMH level came back as low for my age, I was told this can also have been affected from the previous surgeries.

I have read there are tests they can do for the autoimmune side of things, but I'm not sure what they are.

I'm sorry...sending you big hugs x

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Hi Hollibob, thank you for your reply. I have started flooding last night and something came out that looked like 2 embryos, plus all the lining came out so I don't think anything survived in there :-(

I was very upset and the weird thing is that last year in May we thought that we had experienced a miscarriage as well. Back then I had spotting for over 4-5 weeks and no periods for 2 months!! I never ever thought that I could be pregnant as I was told about my Endo and partly blocked tubes. Anyway around the 18th of May I experienced severe pain. Nothing I had ever experienced before and 2 hrs later I passed something that looked like a foetus :-(

We both stared at it and I sobbed for ages. It was the worst day ever. We didn't take it to a clinic but I took a picture of it and showed it to my GP and she said it looked like a foetus as well.

So this would make it 2 miscarriages in less than a year.

We will go down to Coventry to a clinic a friend of ours recommended. They specialise in Autoimmune diseases & High Natural Killer Cells. It costs around £ 400 for all the tests and treatment. So will try that before we go through the next IVF treatment. Should all else fail then we might go down the surrogate road... But not quite ready for that yet. xx


It's so heartbreaking....

No comfort I know, but it's almost like jumping hurdles and ticking each day and stage off.

If you have got to the same stage twice either naturally or through ivf, then I think for your own piece of mind you are right to think about further tests to see what's going on.

It's always good to have recommendations. I'd be interested to know what tests they would carry out. In the grand scheme of things, £400 would be worth it's weight in gold to get what you want.

Take care of yourself x


Hi there, I'm very sorry to hear what has happened. When you are feeling stronger, do you think it's worth getting a second opinion on your tube issue? Endo had severely damaged my tubes, and my bodies reaction to that was to fill the tubes with liquid, creating the hydrosalpinx. My consultant recommending detaching my tubes as the liquid can 'poison' the environment for IVF. It was emotionally very difficult for me to have this done, as I knew I would never be able to naturally conceive - but we'd had no luck for 2 years so made the decision so we could give us the best chance did IVF.

Regarding the immune issues there are a couple of clinics in London that specialise in those -ARGC and the Fertility Academy. But they are super expensive and having visited both I've got some views that are probably best shared only over PM!

Good luck whatever you decide.


Hi Sparkly, thanks so much for your reply. I did get my tubes checked via laparoscopy and scans as well and the Drs said that I do not have a hydrosalpinx but simply got them partly blocked due to the Endometriosis. I was even told to keep trying naturally until we start IVF. And to also keep trying between IVF cycles. I do know women that had the same problem and they managed to conceive naturally even with their blocked tubes. So I know there is hope. The clinic we will go to is in Coventry. This clinic has a professor that helped friends of ours to have their 2 children. They highly recommended them and gave us the name of the professor and email address. We live up in Glasgow so Coventry takes 4,5 hrs to get to. But we will contact the clinic next week. Its £ 400 for all the tests and treatment. So not too expensive :-)


So sorry to hear this. Contact your clinic to get advice.

With regards to tests for miscarriages the NHS usually only do them after 3 recurrent miscarriages. Your consultant should be able to advise you about whether tests are appropriate. I had them done but it showed everything was fine, some of the results took 3 months to come back.

Our first attempt failed and our consultant wasn't able to give any particular reason, which was frustrating. Does your clinic give a follow up appointment? They might be able to change the treatment or give other advise for next time.

Thinking of you xxx


Aww I am so sorry to hear this news :( definately go get checked out as you did have 2embryos transferred. The early pregnancy unit should be able to run a beta blood test to measure your hcg count and/or scan you but may be too early for scan.

My friend has had bad bleeding on and off and she is now 16weeks pregnant and it has finally settled down.

Fingers crossed for you, sending lots of hugs xxx


So sorry for you. That's what happened to me last summer. It's devastating. Do get checked out to make sure you're fine.

As far as tests go, did you get checked for NK? (Natural Killer cells) if you have them, there are things you can do to help this. Sometimes it involves daily injections, different tablets, or even blood transfusions. It's worth getting checked out if this is your second miscarriage.

Sending you a big virtual hug. Take care of yourself and be gentle to your needs.


Thanks so much everyone for your kind words and replies. I will go to the GP tomorrow morning for a blood test to see if anything might still be there. But given that I started flooding and passed something that looked like both embryos and lots of lining - I don't think anything survived in there. I will make sure to get checked though. I was only 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant, so it was very very early. Would be surprised if anything is still in there. Thanks again. Wishing everyone else lots of good luck on their journeys.

Love Ines xx


Hi Ines, I have just read your post and I am so sorry about what has happened. Thinking of you xx


Hey hun, sorry for your loss. I have also gone through Ivf first attempt...got a BFP on the 13th of feb and by the 21st I started bleeding and misscarried. My heart is broken. I will be moving on to frozen egg transfer within a month or so and I don't know if I could face another fail. This journey is one of the hardest things Iv ever done! Stay strong and keep going! X x


So sorry to hear this Ines, can't imagine how your feeling. Sending lots of hugs xx


Sorry to hear this Ines, sending you lots of love x


So so sorry Hun, this happened to me first time around. My consultant said it was most likely the embryo just had a chromosonal issue and was rejected naturally by my body, as often happens in non IVF pregnancies. This made me feel better as I knew it was literally the (bad) luck of the draw and nothing I did or didn't do.

I am also asthmatic and have endo and worried about the autoimmune thing but apparently it is a totally different thing to the immune issues that can cause baby rejection such as rhesus negative blood (which I also have, lucky me!). Even if your immune system kicks off to reject the baby I have been told it will not be able to develop enough antibodies to do any harm in the term of the pregnancy, so certainly not within a few days.

If I was in your shoes I would probably push my doctors for some more info on why the embryo was lost, and I know some ladies on here have done that. Worth doing if it makes you feel a bit more in control.

My thoughts really go out to you, it just plain sucks, there is no others way of putting it.



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