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Bleeding after egg transfer

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping you'll be able to help me. I had two 3 day embryos transferred 12 days ago, I'm due to test on Sunday. But since Monday I've had some bleeding, it's red but it's only when I wipe. It's been going on for 5 days now but it hasn't got any heavier and there are no clots.

Anyone had this and then had a positive result or has the cycle failed?

Thank you


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Hi Marita15. Oh dear! Unfortunately, this is so common early on in a pregnancy, and often there is no cause found for it. Hopefully all will be OK providing there is no pain. Remember too that you had two little embryos transferred, so it always could be due to losing one of them, but I hope not. I have so many ladies that this happens to, that go on to have normal pregnancies, so please be encouraged by that. Just rest when you can and I will certainly be thinking of you. Diane

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Thank you, I test tomorrow so we'll see but not hopeful. X


Hi Marita15. Not too long to wait now, so keeping everything crossed for you. Diane


Hi, I'm on day 6 and my test day is next Wednesday. The unit told me that may bleed before I test but this is expected and nothing to worry about.

Good luck with testing xxx


Yeah but 5 days seems excessive, will know for definite tomorrow x


Negative 😞


Was that a pregnancy test?? I would wait for the blood test just to be sure Hun. I know you must be feeling rubbish......try and hang in there xxxx big hugs xxxx


Yeah it was a pregnancy test. I doubt the result will change am bleeding heavier today xx


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