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Acupuncture after egg transfer

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Hi, I’m looking to hear about experiences of those who opted for acupuncture after a FET. I know that there is not enough research to suggest it definitely helps however in my mind if it definitely can’t do any harm then it’s worth a try?

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Hello, I had accupunture in the run up to my IVF, during and after transfer. It was my first IVF and, thankfully, I got a BFP. My accupunture lady said you need it all throughout the process so I'm not sure how effective one session would be after transfer but there's no harm in trying. I had transfer on a Saturday and accupunture on the Monday. It helped me relax if nothing else. Good luck x

Hello, thank you for your reply! I have been having acupuncture in the lead up to transfer just wasn’t sure what to do about the day of/after transfer! I think I’m just going to go for it because it can’t do any harm! Congratulations on your BFP! X

I had two acupuncture appointments on the transfer day. One before and one after. I got a bfp last time. Unfortunately it didn't last. I definitely think at the very least it made me more relaxed and made me feel like I had done something to help.

Good luck


I had acupuncture for my frozen transfer- I had two sessions before transfer. My acupuncturist recommended a session before and after transfer but that wasn’t possible with timings so I just had it the same day afterwards. After that, it was every week until test day and then two weekly after that until 12 weeks. I got a BFP but not sure if it related to acupuncture- it didn’t make me feel any different but can’t do any harm! (Except for the cost!) xx

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Congratulations on your BFP, hope you’re keeping fine! Thank you for your reply! Xxx

Aw I’m so sorry to hear that. Thank you for your reply. 💕 xx

Hi, I didn’t have acupuncture for my first fresh round which ended in a BFN but did have it in the lead up to and on the morning and after my FET and I’m now 32 weeks pregnant! Obviously I can’t say for sure but I think it helped. Apparently There are lots of clinics that have acupuncture on site and encourage it. I’d say go for it. It won’t do any harm and might make u feel more relaxed xxx best of luck!

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Thank you! Congratulations to you, hope you are keeping well! That’s what I’m thinking can’t do any harm so might as well give it a go! Xxx

Hi Marie I only ever managed to have 1 sometimes 2 session pre transfer to stimulate my lining but as my transfer was in the US I couldn’t have a session after. It can do no harm and even if it’s just a placebo affect it can only be good thing if it makes you feel more confident. I’ve had friends spend a lot of money on it and got nowhere and others where it’s worked but I would say go for it. A lot of Consultants advocate it x

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Thank you Natalia xxx

I had it on the lead up and on the morning of my FET and 2 days later and got a BFP xx

I had acupuncture weekly for about a month in the lead up to IVF, then I ended up having a freeze all cycle which delayed my transfer. I still continued with the acupuncture during that 6 weeks then had treatment before and after my FET. Unfortunately I got a BFN. Hard to say if it helped the not but I wanted to feel like I had done everything that I could! x

I'm the same as PearlyDuck. I had acupuncture throughout IVF and the day after the FET and a week later but still a BFN. I wanted to also feel I had done everything but not sure if it does really help fertility wise. It did help keep me calm, improve my sleepand assist with digestion so it was useful in some aspects. It is further expense so entirely up to you if you want to try. What I would say is there is probably no harm in trying. Wishing you all the best xx

Can anyone recommend an acupuncturist in Enfield or north London ? Or tips on how to find a good one

I had accupunture on my FET last year and I managed to get pregnant I bad it throughout my pregnancy and my baby was breech twice I had it to turn him and he turned within an hour the first time and within a day the second time and that was at 34 and 36 weeks. I also had it to start my labour and it started whilst I was there so although people are sceptical ...for sure it definitely worked for me ....good luck xxx

I decided to do this with both of my IVF cycles but made sure that I chose someone that had experience of fertility. Had a session before and after. Sadly I didnt get a BFP but thought it was worth a try!xx

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That’s what I’m thinking it’s worth a try! Fingers crossed for you this time!! Xxx

Hello, I am due to have my FET next week and have been having accupuncture for the past 3 months now. What pressure points are they needling for you? I have had needles in my head and tummy which may cause a little bruising at times. They also put a little electricity shock through the needles which may not always be comfortable...I just wanted to see if this is the usual accupuncture for fertility! Thank you and best of luck xx

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Hey. My acupuncturist has been putting on my ankles, legs like beside my knee, abdomen and head. He started with small needles and used slightly bigger ones for more stimulation the last time! Good luck to you! Xx

Hi I have been getting Acupuncture more or less every week for 7 months now, during the time i have been on the IVF waiting list. It is supposed to help prepare by body, so i am not sure how good one or two sessions would be, then again i have no idea if 7 months worth of sessions are any good either. I get needles down my lower back and lie there for 30 min, then turn over and get needles around my belly button and around the area the ovaries are, with needles down the side of my legs. I often feel a sharp pain when the needles go in but this goes away i also get some bruising. It is a lot of money but i can't give up on it now. I also take CTM pills, though I am nervous about continuing this.

I’ve been getting reflexology in the lead up to my FET. It certainly relieves stress and is making me feel calmer. All worth a try.xx

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