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Modified natural cycle


Hi everyone hope your all well congrats on the BFPs Iv seen

Iv not been on since my failed cycle in Nov/Dec

Iv been taking DHEA and and going to try a modified natural cycle hopefully June

Has anyone got any experience with this x

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Can't tell u much about your protocol but b4 dhea I got no eggs at collection and after dhea I got eggs.i was on higher meds as well so could be either/or but I think the dhea helped x

We're currently going through a 3 cycle package of modified IVF due to my low egg reserve. We had 5 eggs collected on the first cycle 3 fertilised with icsi 2 of them made it to blastocyst & have been frozen. They changed it up abit the 2nd cycle as I responded better than expected so it was more like mild IVF but we only got 3 eggs that time and only 1 fertilised but thankfully made it to blastocyst. Currently waiting for AF so we can start our 3rd cycle & going back to the same meds as first time round. Keeping every crossed for some top quality embryos to put back this time round 🤞🏼. I've never taken DHEA so can't comment on that.


Hi Natalie. I also did a 3 cycle natural modified package due to my low AMH and AFC (at 3 & 3). Each time I waited for AF and 1st scan and stims started on Day 5. I was scanned on alternate days to check progress. From each cycle I had 2, 2 and 1 egg collected as only 1 ovary was accessible. I have 3 frozen embryos (1 from each cycle). I'm sure you've researched but I chose natural modified as I didn't want a lot of drugs. Also with low ovarian reserve it meant collecting the egg that was naturally ready to come out rather than collecting, and wasting, lots of immature eggs that wouldn't produce top quality embryos.

Best of luck with your cycle.

Hello Mango, Thanks for sharing this information. I also have low AMH (very very low 0.1) but have 7 AFC and will start a long IVF cycle. I am not putting the expectation to high hence I am preparing the next stage and I am considering transitioning quickly to the modified natural cycle. May I ask in which center you have done your cycle? You did really well having 3 frozen embryos with low AMH. This gives some hope. thank for sharing your experience.

Hi Natalie, I'm another one. Did a conventional ivf first and got poor result in terms of eggs and eventual bfn with the one egg we had put back. I did the three cycle package too and got two eggs, making it to two embryos each month. I had one early miscarriage and on second attempt now 28 weeks pregnant:) I had low amh and am over 40. Good luck honey 🍀 remember it's all about the quality not the quantity of what you produce xxxx

What's a modified cycle please?

Natalie28 in reply to nellynel

Hi it's where they don't stim u too much so it's more your natural eggs x

Thanks everyone for replies last time I done normal Ivf got 5 eggs not good quality and and 1 made it to transfer but was bfn they think it was poor quality due to high drugs I have low amh at 8.0 I'm hoping DHEA helps improve things and with modified natural cycle I hope with lower drugs I will get better quality

Datak your story is very encouraging congrats xx

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