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tired- unsure about 2nd cycle

Hi guys

hope your all okay, iv been reading and popping in but just trying to go back to normal and not stress myself with fertility issues.

My last cycle went well till 0 eggs fertilised from 15, now I'm unsure about what i should do and if i should go for another cycle. The egg and sperm did bond but just did not fertilize.

I don't think im really over the failure.

Iv been to a herbalist and trying all the lotions and potions- hopeful though unsure.

Just feeling deflated.

really don't know what to do!

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Hi strong-girl,

You need to stay positive and focus on yourself.

My 1st cycle did not go well. 12 eggs collected 9 fertilised.

But on day of transfer they all had died.

I’ve been keeping myself busy and not been thinking about the whole process again.

We are going to be starting it again shortly and the way I look at it.

What will be will be!

For now have fun and enjoy yourself. When the time comes to start again you will be fine.

Sending you a big hug 🤗


Thank you so much x


Hello! Oh I’m so sorry, that is so hard when you don’t get to transfer, I can totally empathise with that. So your clinic hasn’t shed any light on the matter? They might change your protocol perhaps? I think ultimately you need to decide if you will regret not giving it another shot, and if the answer is yes then give it another go! I think it can feel like you’re climbing a mountain and you’re not bloody getting anywhere. Perhaps take a bit more time if you feel you’re not quite over it yet? Did you see the clinics counsellor afterwards? Xxx


I am seeing the counsellor now, I’m not sure when I should start


That’s good, hopefully they will help you come to terms with it and find a path forward xx


Our eggs fertilised first time round but none survived to transfer. I was very reluctant to rush back into 2nd cycle but it’s now about 5 months on and we’re about to embark on the 2nd round and I feel ok about it.

Just don’t rush back until your ready to start thinking about it. Even if you go back and start talking to the consultant doesn’t mean you need to go through another journey unless you’re ready. Lots of love and luck xx


Did you do ICSI?


No but next time round they will be doing icsi


Yes I would recommend that


There was someone on here talking about assisted fertilisation, for a situation where hubbie’s sperm didn’t have the necessary component to kick start fertilisation. I wonder if it’s worth doing a bit of research into that? I’m not sure who it was though, sorry... not as helpful as I could be but you might be able to do a search xx


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