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2nd cycle started


Hi guys

Hope your all well, I’m feeling like crap I can’t really remember my last cycle but I don’t think I had many side affects this time round though Iv had headaches, nausea and extreme tiredness still using merinol and they have added menopur but apparently it’s the same things.

I feel like Iv been hit by a bus- the injecting is not going my very well and hurts

I just feel awful. I keep forgetting things and just want to sleep what shall I do?

Also when do I eat pineapple?

God almighty help me with this cycle because hubby already thinks I’m mad.

My heart goes out to the ladies who have had multiple cycles you are truly spectacular xxxx

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I know the feeling its bloody crap!! I started injections today but just wana cry 😢😢

Let’s cry together lol I’m on day 3 jus hoping I get a positive xx hope ur ok

Lol.... lets! I was in my local shopping centre... babies everywhere...Pregnant ladies.... im just so fed up.... fed up of hoping, putting on a brave face... i just this works i really do... it really has to xx good luck xx

Pineapple is days 1-5 post transfer, one whole slice with core. Sorry you’re feeling crappy 😞 I hope it improves soon xx

Telford1 in reply to Tugsgirl

I didn’t know about pineapple!! I’m off to the shops now!! 😀😂😂

Thank you Iv stocked up on fruit but hardly feel like eating and constantly feel thirsty

Tugsgirl in reply to strong-girl

Well it’s important to drink lots anyway so that’s good. Just eat little and often if you can xx

Hope things are going well with you Tugsgirl u r defo a strong cookie xx

Tugsgirl in reply to strong-girl

Well I have my wedding to focus on right now and then ivf. Not looking forward to it really but I’ll get on with it as best I can. Thank you for asking xx

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