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Sticky eggs


Just wondering if anyone else has been told their eggs are sticky?

I'm 39 and my amh is 32 and had ivf and icsi (due to low sperm count) last September which resulted in a miscarriage. Last time I had 15 mature eggs but only 6 fertilized and only 2 made it to blastocyst. This time I had 10 mature eggs but the clinic have just rang to say that only 4 have fertilized. They are going to try and take them to 5 day stage hut may ring on Monday and transfer earlier.

After my miscarriage the consultant said that the sticky eggs maybe just the way my eggs are or down to how they have responded to the drugs and so they swopped me from gonal f to menopur this time. The embryologist said this morning that sticky eggs are not that common but it could be my age? It's the stickiness that makes them icsi procedure technically difficult.

I've tried dr Google but there is not much information out there and so thought I would ask on here x

Trying to stay positive but feeling frustrated and disappointed x x fingers crossed at least one makes it to the 4 day stage x

Thanks x

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Wow an amh of 32, isn't that quite impressive in itself? I'm 38 (only one ovary though) and it was 8.88.

Cant comment on the stickiness. I had 8 follicles, 5 eggs, 3 matured and all three went to blast, ones in the oven and one Frostie. It's quality over quantity and only takes one. Try not to beat yourself up, we get the hand we are dealt with in this process and have to stay positive x wishing you all the luck for your four fighters x


Thanks...I know it only takes one...just this process is so hard and stressful! Constantly beat myself up and it's driving me mad not being able to understand why my eggs are sticky! Fingers crossed for you and thanks for your reminder that one is all that is needed x x


If you aren't stressed or constantly beating yourself up then you aren't on enough medication. Ivf fact :-)

During and after stims I found this was the worst for feeling like a failure. Think those drugs help to bring it out of us.

Your fantastic four will keep up the fight x


I can't advise u I'm afraid but wanted to say amazing amh level at 39! Mine was a fraction of that at your age so thats amazing! Wishing you the best of luck while your embies develop xxx


Thanks! Just need to get to he bottom of the sticky eggs! It's all a mind field! Hope it worked for you x

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