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Early menopause and IVF


I was wondering if any ladies on here have went through an early menopause. I have POF and went through early menopause at 29.

I was wanting to know how your IVF path has taken you and if any of you if any have got their BFP.

Thank you 😊

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Hi Ladyluck

I have pof (but still my period). Doctors told me that ivf with my eggs couldn’t work. It did (my third attempt) and I am now feeding my 5 month boy.

I didn’t produce many eggs because of pof but the quality was good.

Good luck with your journey. I will keep my fingers crossed for you xx


Hi Marta37,

Have you been taking any suplements? Two week ago i found out that my amh is 0.03 but all other horomon is norm. I started taking DHEA, Vit D, Q10..all what there is, gave up coffee and planing sugar as well. My doctor want to stymulates me once more, but i want to make sure i am ready if IVF will be needed


I have used only standard vitamins like pregnacare (my clinic was quite conservative). What I did which was a big different was supporting implantation with prednsolone, heparin and aspirin. And I took aspirin during ttc too!


Hi Marta37

Can you tell me what is DHEA pleAse.

I was taking pregnacare and vitamin D that I had to take anyway. I tried Vita West vitamins but had a reaction to them and got a refund.



Marta37, how does aspirin helps?


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