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Period when early menopause due to POF

Hi all I'm a newbie! Recently diagnosed with early menopause due to POF. As you can all imagine I am devastated.

I haven't had regular cycles for a long time and my last period was over 8 months ago. However the last few days I have had menstraul cramps and bloody discharge!

Does anyone know what this could mean?

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Just wanted to up date that I am now passing blood clots the size of about a 50p coin. Is this normal?


I know a few people that got periods now and again during the early stages of POF. Have your ovaries shut down completely? Or mainly dormant? I don't have pOF and I have clotty periods. Really disgusting, but I was told it was because the flow was so heavy at times, my body couldn't produce the hormone fast enough to keep it thin.

I would mention it if its worrying you to the gp and your fertility specialist.


Thank you for the reply. I'm not sure if my ovaries have totally shut down or just dormant. I haven't been told. Just high FSH and LH indicate. Yes I will mention it at my next consultant appointment.

Thank you


Did they do your AMH? That combined with the above will tell you how many eggs left/time you have.


Sorry pressed submit too early! Hi filmgirl101. They have tested my AMH level and I'm getting the results at my next consultant appointment. Hopefully I'll know more then!


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