Still in pain 4 days after egg collection! 😣

Seems like I jinxed myself. After feeling pretty good for the first 24 hours after my egg collection, I started getting very sharp stabbing pains in my left ovary which are still there today. They seem to come in waves and then subside. They mainly start after I've been walking or after I pee and are super painful for about 15 minutes. Argh!!! Called the clinic this morning who said it's probably expected and to keep going but I'm just so fed up with the pain now. I don't have any signs of ohss and have actually lost a kg in the last couple of days (although I still feel enormous!).

Anyone else have prolonged pain after egg collection?? Xxx

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  • I had pains left and right after ec. I only have a right ovary! But I do have a patch of endo on the left. No idea what's going on but hot water bottle and paracetamol helped.

    Suppose there's not alot of room in there and the ovaries are huge after stims, then they annoy them with ec. Guess it's all got to calm down x

  • Thanks for replying. I have transfer booked for tomorrow and was worried they'd cancel it if there was something wrong... paracetamol is helping thankfully.

    Hope you haven't stated going crazy yet in your 2ww!! Xxx

  • Hi pana82. So sorry to hear that you are still in pain. It could be that your ovaries are still a bit active from stimulation. They could still be "upset" from egg retrieval. Although you say that you do not have signs of OHSS, do keep drinking lots of water, just in case, or even if you have a wee infection, it will help to clear it out. Just take paracetamol for the pain, unless something else has been prescribed for you. No anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Obviously, if it persists you need to see your doctor. Hope all soon settles. Diane

  • Hi Diane, I really appreciate your reply. That does makes sense. I will keep going with the water and paracetamol as you say. Thanks very much! :)

  • Hi pana82. Pleasure! Get better soon! Diane

  • Hi pana82, I had sharp shooting pains yesterday, but felt like they were up my bum!! πŸ™ˆ They've eased today but I still feel a little bruised inside, but managed to clean the house from head to toe today! I'm sure you'll feel a little better by tomorrow and keep drinking the water xx

  • Wow baby16! You're so lucky...I can still barely walk as my stomach feels like it's in is the worst day by far so I'm keeping everything crossed that I start feeling better tomorrow. Its not unbearable (I've had worse toothache) but paracetamol just ain't cutting it xx

  • Haha! Not sure which I would rather have! πŸ˜‚ Feeling a bit better this evening so I'm hoping it's going in the right direction xxx

  • Hi Pana82!

    I hear ya! Thought I was getting on alright til today (had ec weds)...but today the pain is definitely worse and my stomach is sooo bloated. It hurts more when I need the toilet (tmi!) so egg transfer was fun today lol! (Nah the procedure was painless but walking there was hard!)

    I'm sure it's not ohss so I'm not worried. Just got to rest up, drink a billion glasses of water (even though that feels like the last thing I want) and pray that tomorrow is better! I find cups of hot water helps, especially as I got a bit of heartburn and constipation (sorry again tmi πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š)

    Hope you're starting to feel better now.


  • Thanks lovely, sounds a lot like my experience! Started out ok and then got worse the next night. Definitely starting to feel less painful this evening which is a relief!! Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the 2ww. I have my transfer tmrw, hope I manage to get the bladder filling right! Xxx

  • I drank half a 75cl bottle of mineral water. Had about 250ml 45 mins before my appointment and then sipped it on the way there...seemed to do the trick! I was just starting to need the toilet when I went in...and I wasn't expecting them to press on my stomach when they scanned (I thought "you're brave" lol) But all in all it went very smoothly (just don't drink too much too fast!)

    Good luck! πŸ€

  • That's good advice!

  • Hi, I had the same. Felt really good the day after, was thinking this is a bit of a breeze! Day after that felt awful! Clinic said the same, keep taking paracetamol and not to worry. Easier said than done but after a few days started feeling a lot better. Our poor bodies need some time to recover. Hope you feel better soon xx

  • Thanks, honestly feeling miles better today. Just needed a bit longer and more painkillers. I was worried something was wrong because it seemed that most people were fine within a couple of days!

    How's your 2ww? Xxx

  • Glad your feeling better. 2ww has been ok, been a bit emotional at times but pretty good considering all the hormones. Test day monday so in the final wait! Hope your 2weeks go quickly, good luck xx

  • Thank you! Enormous luck for Monday! X

  • YES!!I did too and it completely threw me as I didn't expect it. My pain threshold is high and I can cope with much but EC I found tough. Like you immediately after was fine but once drugs wore off I was in trouble. So many people on here seems to breeze through it but I found it tough. Took me 3 days to recover and at one point I went to toilet to open my bowels and pain so bad I ended up laying on bath room floor as couldn't make it to my bed!!

    Codeine painkillers were my friends for 3 days.

    Hoping you better soon.xx

  • Gosh that sounds pretty bad!

    Feeling loads better today thankfully - just had my ET and super excited! Fingers crossed this little embie decides to hang around! πŸ˜€

    Hope your pregnancy is going well! Xxx

  • Fingers and everything else crossed for you xxx

  • Yes, my pain lasted for most of my pregnancy too (which ended at 10.5 wks)... Similarly, the day after EC (my 40th) I remember looking in the mirror at my nice flat stomach and being so pleased - then started bloating. When I was having all my scans waiting to miscarry, the sonographers pointed out my huge follicles, which decreased in size over time - and said that what happens is your follicles fill up with fluid again after egg collection - but not straight away. And from my history, I know it can take weeks for the fluid to go away again. But it did. And I'm back in the game again with round 2... No real tips for pain management I'm afraid - it's totally scary but almost always completely normal. I kept telling myself, what do I expect with ovaries the size of grapefruits?

  • You're so right. When they were doing my scan today for the embryo transfer I could see one ovary and was thinking wow, my ovary looks way bigger than my uterus! So sorry for your loss, when will you be starting your next cycle? Hope this one goes all the way xxx

  • Thanks for your good wishes - I have my baseline scan on Thursday and hopefully I can start stimms the same day. All the best with your cycle x

  • Hope u feel better soon xxx

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