First appointment of finding out what's going on!

Had our first appointment today. For me it was kinda horrible. I can't stand smears or anything like that so the examination made me feel nauseous! I've got to do some bloods next Monday to check my progesterone levels (the doctor doesn't think my GP timed the first one right) and I've got to go and have a HyCoSy, which I'm absolutely dreading and terrified of!! I've heard lots of horror stories and I'm a anxious person already so that really doesn't help! Husband has to do 'his bit' again as his first test came back with a low morphology. He has to take selenium and zinc supplements and then test again in three months. Is there anything else that I can do in the mean time do you think? I'm taking folic acid and vitimin D already. I know it sounds stupid by I'm praying that a miracle happens and I get pregnant before my HyCoSy! I know that's unlikely...anyway sorry to ramble just had to get it out there :) x

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  • Do you mean hsg (Hysterosalpingogram)?

    If so o didn't find the process hurt it was a little uncomfortable when the dye went in, I had bad pain after worse than period cramps may of made worst as I drove along way back after then went to work. I was really nervous and scared as what I'd read on google lol but it was far less than what I was expecting,

    if it's a Hysteroscopy you mean then I'm not sure of the pain as I was under as then did mine when I had my lap.


  • I think it's the first one. That's okay then. I'll try and not build it up too much in my head! I think I'll book the day off work that day then. Seems like that's the last thing I'm gunna want to do! X

  • I used to be petrified of everything too. Smears, the lot. The hysterosalpinoram isn't the nicest but it's doable. If you really think you'll struggle, see your Doctor; he can prescribe a relaxant to help. I did. I can honestly say though that during ivf you'll get used to having things in your cervix, it's pretty much a cure for the previous anxieties lol. You'll be fine x

  • Yes I'd recommended it and maybe take someone with you, it's the pain after I found and it lasted a few days, I'd rather gone home and snuggled on the sofa, the thinks is poor women have to go through cx

  • O and i think you are given a pain relief tablet to take an hour before the procedure I was anyway xx

  • She does mean HyCoSy. It is a slightly different way of testing tubes etc than a HSG or a lap & dye.

  • Any kind of internal makes me nauseous too, and is painful, which we've found out is becuase my uterus is completely tilted backwards. So it is worse for some of us than others... I am telling you this so you know you're not being a wuss if it's bad for you!

    But keep your eyes on the prize... you want a baby more than anything right? So you will do anything. And you'll be amazed at what you find the strength to bear.

    Take paracetamol half an hour before every procedure, and don't be afraid to tell them if they're hurting you. Focus on your breathing and it will be over before you know it. Have chocolate in your bag so you can immediately eat something to give you a boost afterward. And think carefully before deciding to go by yourself... I've even taken my mum to some internals as I don't want my husband to see me struggle to go through it but need someone to be by my side. I can do it by myself now, but it's taken a while to get to that point.

    If you do end up having ivf, they may be able to give you entonox (gas and air) or sedation for some of the procedures. So don't worry about that.

    Just take it one step at a time. I know you will be able to face everything. If I can do it then you can too.


  • You'll be fine with the hycosy honestly! I've never heard any horror stories and you can take some pain relief before.

    I was taking a huge dose of vitamin d, so make sure you're taking enough as it really can make a difference to fertility. You can also get proxeed for both men and women so maybe give that a go.

    I kept praying for a miracle so I wouldn't have to have treatment in the end but you do get used to all the scans and tests

  • Thanks everyone. I'm so glad I joined this site. It really makes a huge difference talking to people who have been through this too. My husband is doing his best at being supportive but in the end he doesn't really get it. X

  • My husband took Maca for a year and that really improved his sperm quality. The normal forms percentage doubled (that had been our slight niggle). He also switched to wearing loose boxers rather than tight pants.

  • Ah good luck I had my initial appointment in October and have had all the tests you mentioned and my husband is taking some supplements too. We are waiting for our follow up meeting to go through the results. The scans aren't that bad, the hycosy wasn't the best thing ever but it only hurt for a few hours if that's any help??! Just be prepared to be patient I've found they don't reveal results as and when they go as the nurses who do the scans "are not fertility experts" just hang in there and get through all the tests before overthinking things xxxx

  • Wish u the best of luck with it all xxx

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