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Hi, everyone.. we still decided to use my own egg one last time and a week ago I went through punction .. was not painful but quite scary.. followed by ICSI (I had my egg fertilized with my husband's sperm in the glass tube). On the 5th day they transferred an embryo into my womb .. was such a strange feeling!. I was left home to wait for 2 weeks for the result to come up. As you can imagine that’s the most nervous period in my life. Hope it would work now.. or otherwise we would need to go for surrogacy .. that's just because there's a fear that my body simply rejects the embryos and I can't get PG for unexplained reason. I really don't know what to expect from my body .. and the drs can't explain it clearly as well. I do hope I won't have to look for another clinic and go somewhere abroad as surrogacy is forbidden here in UK. I refuse to think of that at the moment. I make myself think positively only in order not to do bad to the future baby that is inside me already and I believe will be born successfully.. But the thing is that I'm feeling not very good lately.. I don't know what I should feel if everything's ok.. and I'm so nervous about that..

Could you please share your knowledge for me either to calm down or start looking for a surrogacy clinic already and not waste my time .. thnks

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  • I cant give u advice but wishing u all the best that this is a BFP for u xxx

  • Thanks a lot dear! I do hope for that ..and believe the things're much better with you

  • oh hon, I'm sure you need to calm down. it's crucial not to think about any negative comsequences. you do right that you do your best for your future baby and keep thinking about successful delivery. actually, it's easier to say...I also feel not that good at the moment. I don't want to hurt you, but i want to ask you how many ivf cycles did you have? why don't you want to try donor egg ivf? maybe surrogacy is the last resort?

  • Yep, maybe you're right and we should try donor eggs first.. actually we were thinking about that.. but we want to take up the package that'll give us an opportunity for both variants and free switch from one to another.. I'm so scared of wasting time without any success .. and I have the feeling that it literary flies lately.. and I just can't sustain pregnancy .. we did 2 iuis and that's the 3d ivf and each time it's either BFN or M/C.. I'm so disappointed and completely destroyed :(

  • I know what it feels like, really. After my 3 failed ivfs I thought I would never start treatment again. I was ready for surrogacy and didn't want to listen about one more cycle. however, I've heard about an option available in Ukrainian clinic which involves ivf and surrogacy. Actually it's the main reason for having a treatment there. I was told I have great chances to become pregnant with DE ivf and in case of failure I can move to surrogacy without losing my money. Fortunately, I became pregnant from the very first try...although I feel a bit scared now because of that spotting and cramps I have, I hope that there will be no need for surrogacy. I'm sorry for your previous miscarriages and bfns...I hope you'll find the right way. xxx

  • Oh dear, it's sad to hear you have the similar story.. Hope you'll be lucky this time and everything will go well with your pregnancy this time.. I have faith that we both won't need to look for any surrogacy clinics ..Take care anyway and thanks for your support xx

  • Hallo, dear!

    I understand your concerns. I believe it was a good idea to write here. You deserve to get necessary information to keep on going to your dream. I hope we’ll find out about your BFP in one week.

    I have surrogacy experience and perhaps I’m not the best adviser to you, but I think you know every experience brings something strong and useful into our lives. A such kind of knowledge we could share.

    You’re free to ask. And please don’t feel nervous, some things go right way without our control.

  • I agree with previous speaker. You just need to come down. Be easy-going about your transfer. Don’t worry it can damage your future baby and can be the reason of miscarriage. I think you shouldn’t prepare yourself for the worst. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and for your baby. Wish you good luck!!!.

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