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antral follicle scan shows 11 follicles on day 4...but one is really large (19mm)!


So I had an antral follicle scan today which is day 4 of my cycle. I have 5 follicles on right ovary between 5mm and 8mm and one which is 19mm!

I have approx 5 on my left ovary all about 4-5mm (it was difficult to see this side).

So 11 overall, but one which seems crazy big! Has anyone else experienced this?

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I haven’t got a clue myself but didn’t want to read and run. Have the clinic said anything about it?

Bluebirds7 in reply to Jaygee

Not at a clinic just yet, decided to have antral follicle count first to see what it was like as have a good AMH at 34 pmol/L. So now deciding if I show go for IVF! Think I will probably book a consultation see what they say.

Could be a cyst? A follicle from the previous cycle that isn’t cleaned up properly. I have this happen all the time and seem to permanent live with 2-4 cysts around that size. What did the clinic say?

Not at a clinic yet, had the scan to see if it's worth going for IVF. Does having such a cyst interfer with having IVF in your experience?

It didn’t interfere with my fresh cycles - just be aware not all “follicles” will be containing an egg. I did have problems with cysts during my first pregnancy (from my second cycle), but according to the doctors that was an extreme case of bad luck. I do have a gorgeous girl from that cycle but had complications. Now trying for a sibling with FETs from the same batch and it means we can’t do a natural cycle as they can’t see what is the follicle that would ovulate and what’s cyst, so doing a medicated one. Good luck!

Thank you for your response. And best of luck with your FET's x

When I had my scan just before deciding whether or not I wanted to go ahead with IVF I had a dominant follicle, which was the largest. It indicated I was about to ovulate and was told it would be that follicle I’d be ovulating from. What day in your cycle did you have the Antral follicle count? If it was mid cycle it could be the follicle that you’d be ovulating from x

Bluebirds7 in reply to Aisha12

I'm only on day 4! But that is what the scan lady said, that I might ovulate early, and that it's my dominant follicle!

Aisha12 in reply to Bluebirds7

Probably just early ovulation then x

Bluebirds7 in reply to Aisha12

Thanks for your reply. I shall start testing early for ovulation x

I had 11 on this cycle and 1 was discounted as it appeared larger than others at base, scans. At my day 10 scan it was 23 mm, they said it was a cyst xx

Did it cause you any problems?

No, I have had my cycle cancelled because I needed 8 follicles to be able to share my eggs. They will scan at start of next cycle to see if it is still there. They said 9/10 of the time they disappear xx

Thanks for your reply. Sorry that your cycle was cancelled. Good luck for your next cycle x

Thank you... Hope all goes well for you 🤞

When my follicles increased in size, my right one went massive as well and it’s the side that was the most uncomfortable when collecting eggs from it. Never had ivf previously so maybe it’s just how our bodies respond to the treatment etc. Ask the professionals.

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