Feeling frustrated with the wait 😞

I'm feeling really frustrated today with all the waiting about. I've been in and out of hospital since September having scans and blood tests yet still not had any feedback on what is wrong 😞 still waiting for my follow up appointment with the gynaecologist to find out what the issue is and what they can do about it. I've got to wait another 2 months for that appointment. Has anyone had similar experiences, and do the waiting times get shorter when they tell you what the problem is? Xx

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  • Hi Bec, that does sound quite frustrating. Which hospital is this? I had quite a long wait as well. Took from July last year to be referred by the GP up until now where I'm in the middle of IVF. I found out I had low AMH in October so yes did take a while from when the problem was found out. Hopefully if / once they find a problem there will be a quick solution for you though.xx

  • Hi,

    My NHS took just under a year from seeing the gyno to getting the go ahead, but I did have to have a operation and re done my rubella. Which is what's holding me up :-(

    All depends if you need operation.you maybe able to ring your gyno up to ask if they can tell you what the results are. They should write in a letter that your be cc in they seen to your doctor, I got a cc letter through last week and my appointment was 14th Feb, so it does unfortunately take time when going through the NHS system. Xx

  • It has taken us exactly a year from referral to starting treatment and we're unexplained. Nothing identified with either of us. I know it's frustrating but unfortunately the NHS doesn't have unlimited resources. We could have sped things up by going private but would have lost our NHS go so decided to wait. Hope you get your next appointment soon and things start moving for you. X

  • Hi,

    Once we were told at the gynaecologist appointment (August) we had unexplained infertility it took 1 month before we were at a fertility clinic of our choice. Our first ivf cycle started in October, before that it was 5 months from when we first started tests up to when we saw the gynaecologist. So hopefully once you've had the green light they'll wiz you along! Where abouts are you? It's so frustrating, I remember where I was where you are now I was phoning round private clinics, and it was my clinic now that told me to be patient!! Easier said then done!! Xxxx

  • Hi Bec-A. This is so frustrating when it happens. You could try and get your GP to chase up your appointment, or get in touch with your consultant's secretary and see whether she/he can give you any idea when you will be seen. Also say that you are willing to accept a cancellation if that gets you in quicker. Hope all is soon resolved and you can move forward with whatever is decided for you. Good luck! Diane

  • Sorry to hear this! Hope things speed up for u soon xxx

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