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Having an emotional day today, friend is due to give birth and girl in work was constantly talking about baby names yesterday i just wanted to walk out of office. Returned from holiday (the holiday I pictured myself pregnant on) hoping to have a letter for appointment at Micarriage Clinic. Rang the Miscarriage clinic for an update they said there is a 6 week wait at the moment for appointments and that's quite good because usually it is longer they said, but apparently it's worth the wait, they can find alsorts out. It also takes 6 weeks to get blood tests back once you finally get appointment and that's with the hope that everything is ok. So I'm looking at 12 weeks of waiting but I want to get it done just feel in limbo waiting and I wanted to start 3rd attempt in December. So my focus is to start acupuncture and get myself healthy as possible while I wait, trying to stay positive and focused but can't help feeling down and anxious I just want to get started and stop treading water.

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  • Hello SuzanneAM, you've been through so much in the past few months I'm not surprised everything is getting you down! 12 weeks seems like an eternity when you're coping with infertility but it will come around quickly. I think you're right to be proactive in going for acupuncture etc and preparing for round 3. It may also be worth going for counselling (if you've not already been) as this is something I found made a big difference.

    Take care of yourself and hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day! x

  • Hi suzanne,

    I know how u feel with the whole waiting thing, Ive been put on prostap for 3 months and im only 4 weeks into it and it feels like a life time, I dont start injecting until mid November and it just seems like ages away im just like you im sick of waiting and just want to get the ball rolling, its hard all this waiting and this for me is just the beginning, xxx r u basically just waiting on your results and to be referred xxxx

  • I had similar thoughts today as people were discussing the number of grandchildren that are due, how one daughter is pregnant after 2 years of trying and having endo and another colleague happily telling everyone she spoke to about being really big and that she's having a girl. Whilst I of course don't begrudge any of these people their babies it just felt a bit too much today.

    I had the recurrent miscarriage screening after 2 miscarriages in 13 months, second one was missed miscarriage discovered at 12 week scan. The tests showed nothing of significance for me, they think it's my age and egg quality, but it might show something for you or give you peace of mind. Keep pestering the hospital and you might get an appointment earlier.

    Time has helped but it still hurts especially when surrounded by baby talk and bumps.

  • Hi, really it is not pleasant when everyone talks about children, pregnancy aroud you. But keep in mind that positive thinking is really powerfull and you cannot ignore it, so think positively and yr deams will materialize soon. Good luck!

  • Hi SuzanneAM, I feel your frustration. I've had early menopause aged 35, been told only chance of a baby is egg donation but possibly a 5 year waiting list. My sister and best friend both offered but as over 35 my hospital won't allow them. Me and my partner thought to cheer us up we booked our wedding. This just made it worse, if one more person says 'oooh you will have babies next' im going to scream. I hate the fact I tell people i don't want children as its so painful to say I possible can't. My partner doesn't want people to know so apart from my immediate family I'm in a constant rage with the world. I get by, by saying I have a wonderful partner, a great job, a nice house and good friends. Some people don't have one part of that.

    Good luck with your journey and keep smiling. Tomorrow is another day.

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