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Feeling confused and frustrated

We have been ttc now for over two and a half years, we are nearly ready to start IVF but have been told I needed the HSG test done first. I rang on the first day of my period in dec to be told I couldn't get an appointment and to call back in Jan. I was due on on Fri and still have no period, I am regular as clockwork and have done two pregnancy tests and both are negative! The one time you want your period and it doesn't come! I can't book this test until my period arrives. Don't know what to do now?

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Hi Jojostayinghopeful..

Totally understand how frustrating it is to be waiting around waiting for the next stage this process can be so slow sometimes!! I always want to move to the next stage..I'm waiting to be matched up as I'm egg sharing due to various factors I've experinced lots of time delays since our first appointment in august..Just using the time in positive way for us both to get super healthy to give ourselves the best chance of ivf working :)

Regarding absent period if you don't get your period in a week I would re test with the first urine of the day.. If still showing negative you should see your gp who knows you're ttc and they can arrange a blood test ( some women hcg dose not show in a urine test).. Are you tracking your ovulation? For some people it can be too stressful it works for my hubby and I but everyone's different..You may have ovulated later in your cycle and that could make your period later..I'm afraid only time will tell :(

Just want to wish you the best and if you're not pregnant I hope you get your period soon.. As for the hsg procedure it can increase your chances of a pregnancy up to 6 months after being done ( providing no block is found) ;) my ex consultant told me that..( a reliable source not like dr google lol!!)

Good luck Jess Xxxx


Hi Jess.

Thanks for your reply. I used to track my ovulation and then got annoyed with the whole thing and stopped in Novemeber. I have booked an appointment with my doctor now for next tue ( first available one) and then take it from there. I had heard that HSG could increase your chances, so fingers crossed. Just need my sodding period now!

I wish you all the luck and hope your dreams come true. xxx

Thanks again

Jo xxx


Thanks Hun you too x

I'm glad your period has arrived (obviously very sorry you're not pregnant ) but at least you can now move forward to the next stage and hopefully have increased chances after the hsg ;) Regarding hsg don't forget to take your antibotics which you should take prior the procedure (hsg carries a small chance of infection so the nurses prescribe antibotics to combat this) also I would recommend taking a couple of painkillers before hsg as some women experience period pains (mine did) and you will need someone to take you home as you will feel tired afterwards and you may need the next day off work as you might feel a bit tired(I did and when I tried doing too much boy did my body let me know lol!!)

Wishing you the very best with everything.. It is lovely talking to others also going through this def helps Xxxx


Hi Jess

Thanks for the advice. I have got the day off after just in case. Looking forward to moving to the next stage!

Take care and speak to you again soon no doubt. xxxx


Thanks will do. Hurry up period!

Good luck to you too xx


I had the same thing happen to me while waiting to start my first round of Clomid, period was 4 days late then arrived on Christmas Day along with a serious kidney infection that left me hospitalised for 4 days. When I posted about it on here I had a lot of people saying a similar thing had happened to them too (not the kidney infection, that was just pure bad luck). Needless to say I didn't end up starting on Clomid that cycle- very frustrating! I hope it all works itself out quickly for you. The HSG isn't too bad, a bit like an advanced smear test, I had mine done privately and it cost just under £200. X


Hi Jojostayinghopeful.

Re the late period, it's called Sod's law!! Has happened to me quite a lot during the ivf process; it's like your body wants to show you who's boss?!

Re the HSG, similar to you, but I had to have a Hycosy for my pre ivf referral. I was told that they can only refuse the appointment for two cycles and on the third one they have to book you in...annoying I know, but at least there is a worst case scenario timeline in your head?

Hope it all goes according to plan x


So after moaning my friendly period has arrived! HSG booked in for the 22nd Jan. Thanks for all the responses xxx Its good to talk!


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