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Feeling frustrated with Guys hospital πŸ˜”

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So I just need a moan and don't want to do it to my other half as I feel like this is all I talk about lately...

So far pretty much everything that can go wrong, has. And we aren't even far into this process yet.

Finally got funding approved which I am so thankful for. That was now a month ago. Have rung up Guys Hospital (where we will be having treatment) so many times now.

At first they never received our referral because they gave out the wrong email address so that delayed to begin with.

Now it's been a further three weeks. Was told to ring back today and the referral would have been 'vetted'. It still hasn't been and they can't tell me when it will happen. So still no appointment.

I knew going into this it would be a long process but I can't help feeling this is unnecessarily long and they aren't doing what they should be doing. It reads on their website that couples are seen within six weeks of referral. Well now they have two weeks to see us which is clearly not going to happen.

Our bloods will also run out in December and will have to be done again as I doubt we'll have started any treatment and will delay further.

Sorry about the long moaning post but I feel like I'm being so patient and not getting anywhere!!

Has anyone else had any issues with Guys hospital? Or any good stories to put my mind at ease?

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Hey. I completely understand your situation. Similar happen to us with UCHL.

I have to control every step and chase with further appointment Even I have to tell them to check my thyroid level s they forgot to do it. It's good my friend who done ivf before told me before they remember it.

I recommend to keep eye all process and even something small call and ask. Don't be shy. It's your health and nothing more important.

Good luck with your journey ❀️☺️

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gilk in reply to itsworks17

Thank you xx

Sorry to hear about the long wait 😳 I also had to wait for long but I am getting my treatment done from Homerton hospital.

My advice for you is wait and maintain your health and weight. Eat as much healthy and greenery as you can as no one told me when I started my treatment but after appointment and then another appointment they asked me to loose weight then they can start my treatment so at least it took me 6 months all together to loose weight but I was so sad because they didn't tell anything regarding my weight in previous appointment so they gave me appointment after 6 months where I managed to loose weight.

Anyway manage your weight and when you get the embryo transferred get 2 embers transferred in first cycle of IVF as you will have more chances to conceive plus maybe twins πŸ˜ƒ but when you are gonna tell them that you want 2 embryo transferred they are gonna give you print out of what will happen if have 2 embryos transferred like low BP or early delivery blah blah blah but trust me nothing like this happens to everyone. If you think positive then everything happens to you positively. 😊

All the best for your treatment and update me with good news soon 😘 take good care of yourself 😊

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gilk in reply to Shan123

Thank you xx

Oh dear! I'm so sorry you are having this trouble! We had some delays with Guys to begin with but once we were in the system and being treated, everything went quite smoothly and we received good treatment. So there is hope! I will cross my fingers for you and your partner and maybe I will see you in the waiting room of Guys soon?


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gilk in reply to KiraJean

You've given me some hope!! Thank you, yes maybe we will! Good luck xx

I had the complete opposite experience with guys, yes it's hard getting into the system and the first apt but once you're in it is fantastic, as good as private. I'm now 7 weeks after 1st attempt, keep the faith ☘️

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gilk in reply to AMH2

Congratulations!! Thank you for the response, I'm just praying it hurries up xx

I'm at the very beginning of my fertility investigations with Guys and apart from a long initial wait (and like you an initial problem with the wrong contact details for my husband's tests) everything has been going well and very quickly. They have been very understanding and caring so far. Hopefully you will be seen soon and once you are in, I think it will go more smoothly for you as it did with us after the initial hiccups xx

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